Determining Accurate Data

The process of submitting special education data directly from SEEDS4Schools to WISEdata has increased the need for accurate information in order to have flawless reporting. As we all know, special education always has an exception to the rule, and defining the FAPE school is a prime example of such an exception. In order for each unique situation to be reported accurately, there are some additional fields on the SEEDS4Schools>Student Detail View>District Details tab. We were able to pre-fill most of these fields based on current data, but there are some school scenarios that will need to be manually reviewed. These scenarios are defined by DPI in this chart.

The FAPE school in SEEDS4Schools must match the school the student is associated with in WISEdata.

Follow the steps below to determine accurate data:

  1. Run the Export of Student data report and select the following fields:
    • WISEid
    • Resident District
    • Resident School
    • Placement District
    • Placement School/School of Attendance
    • Create the report and open the download
  2. Scenario 1: The Resident District is different than Placement District with no other documented reason (i.e. Private School)
    • Sort the spreadsheet by
      • District of Residence
      • District of Placement
      • Private School
    • Students who have a different District of Residence vs District of Placement should be reviewed to determine the school of FAPE is accurate. Proceed to the step 5.
  3. Manual Updating of WISEData
    • Go to the student’s Student Detail View > District Details tab and select the FAPE District and FAPE School

    • Go to the student’s Student Detail View> District Details tab and click on the “Ed-Fi Data” link

    • If there is no ED-FI Data showing, click on the ADD SEPA link.

    • If there is WISEdata showing, click on the date of the SEPA record to make updates if need be to existing SEPA records. 

      • Make updates to the necessary fields and then click the green Submit button and then click the Send SEPA Data to WISEdata link.


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