Viewing WISEdata in SEEDS4Schools

This article steps through the process of viewing WISEdata in SEEDS4Schools.

  1. Viewing special education data (sSEPA)

    The special education data (sSEPA) in WISEdata for a student can be viewed on the student’s Student Detail View > District Details tab.

  2. Manually Updating WISEdata in SEEDS

    Below are details on how to manually update the WISEdata in SEEDS4Schools.

    1. Click on the date to update fields in the sSEPA record. The below screen will show.

    2. Click on Add sSEPA record to create a new sSEPA record. Keep in mind, when the data is updated in SEEDS4Schools, it will create a record.

    3. Click on RESET 207-2018 ED-FI DATA to remove the record showing in WISEdata.


  • Data from SEEDS4Schools will update real-time in WISEdata when it is updated in SEEDS4Schools.
  • Student must be enrolled in the school before Special Ed Program Associations can be made.
    • WISEdata will only accept special education data from students who have enrollments from that district. Student/enrollment data is initially sent form the district's Student Information System (SIS).
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