How does SEEDS become our WISEdata Vendor?

  • The district turns off the sharing of special education data from their SIS.
  • The district selects SEEDS in WISEdata>Secure Home>Ed-Fi Credentials
  • SEEDS receives the district's credentials from DPI 
  • The district's SEEDS Admin assigns the WISEdata Settings permission to the appropriate staff in the district.
  • The district verifies:
    • Students have a WISEid on their Student Detail View>Student Details tab.
    • Enrollment data has been sent from the SIS prior to sending the data from SEEDS4Schools.
    • The student's school of placement matches what that student's school is in the enrollment data sent to WISEdata from the SIS.
  • The district adds their start date under Tools>WISEdata settings and also selects the date they would like their initial dump of data sent. The data is sent at 4:00 PM on that date.
  • The results are emailed to the staff who entered the dates in the above bullet.
  • After the initial dump, the data will be sent to WISEdata real time, as it is updated (there may be a few minutes delay depending on the traffic of the SEEDS4Schools and WISEdata server).


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