What data is shared from SEEDS4Schools?

Below is the list of data which will be sent via SEEDS4Schools and where it can be located.

  • WISEid = Student Detail View>Student Details>WISEid
  • Begin Date - be the first day of school year the student receives spec ed services - This date will be collected from the district
  • End Date - Must be sent if IEP/ISP is revoked or student is no longer eligible or exited = Student Detail View>Evaluation Details>Special Ed Dismiss Date OR  Student Detail View>District Details>Exit District Date
  • IEP Begin Date - The effective date of the most recent IEP = Student Detail View>Evaluation Details>IEP/Service Plan Implementation
  • IEP End Date - The end date of the most recent IEP= Student Detail View>Evaluation Details>IEP/Service Plan End
  • IDEA Eligibility - Boolean (i.e. True/False), identifying if a student is IDEA eligible = The below fields which make a student special ed active in SEEDS4Schools:
    1. Primary Disability must exist
    2. Does Child Have an Impairment = Yes
    3. Does Child Need Special Ed = Yes
    4. No date of the following on the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab
      • Consent Denied
      • Placement Consent Revoked
      • Special Ed Dismiss Date
      • Refusal to Place
    5. No District Exit Date on the Student Detail View>District Details tab
  • Last Eval Date - Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab>Evaluation Meeting Date​​
  • FAPE School​ - Student Detail View>District Details tab>FAPE School​
  • Special Education Setting - Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab>Education Environment
  • WI DPI Parent Placed Private - Student Detail View>District Details tab>Is student attending private school?
  • WI DPI Student Special Education Program Association Disabilities – Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab>Primary Impairment and Secondary impairments
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