How are errors resolved?

  • All errors in the WISEdata Portal are found under "Data Quality & Validation Results."
    • Scroll down to see error "hot" buttons under "Validation Message Summary"
    • Click on error count to view
    • Each error has a "Knowledge Based Article" that explains the error, the business
    • rule, and how to fix logic rules.
  • EdFi data details can be found in SEEDS4Schools, District Details>SEPA Data
  • Data can be revised in SEEDS4Schools
    • Update a sSEPA Record
      • Click on the sSEPA record for this student. Update the field which is causing the error. Submit and then click on the SEND SEPA DATA TO WISEDATA link.
    • Remove sSEPA Record
      • This option will remove one sSEPA record at a time. This would be a good option to use when there is some clean-up necessary.


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