Search - Build Mass Email

Sending Mass Emails

1. Click here to remove users from the list
2. Click here to modify the search criteria
3. Click here to see or copy the list of email addresses
4. Option to update the email address the email is sent from
5. Add additional email address the email should be copied to
6. Option to update the email address replies should go to
7. Add the subject line
8. Editing tools
9. Add the message
10. Option to add an attachment
11. Click send

Search - Generate Avery 5160 Labels

1. Click here to view or remove users from it
2. Click here to modify the search
3. Sort by Zip Code, Last name or District Building, Last Name
4. Click here to generate the labels. The labels may vary depending on the browser. If the labels are not lining up, try unchecking the "Fit to Page" option in the print settings.

Search - Download User Data

1. To Download Data click Download File, the data will download in a .csv format which can be opened in Excel

Adding a User

1.  Add the Users first name and last name (required fields). If the name exists in the database, an alert will tell you "User Name is already in the database". Please search active and inactive users to make sure it's not the same person.
2. If there is a preferred first name to be printed on the name badge type it here.
3. Choose the Organization Type: (required)
  --Wisconsin Public School District
4. The selection in the Organization type will populate the drop down options. If the building isn't in the drop down, there is a check box to add the building.
5. --School District not in Wisconsin OR Agency/Organization
6. --Wisconsin Private School
7. --Individual/Partner/Other.
8. Send Mass Emails (required) - choose whether this user wants to be including in mass myQuickReg emails
9. Organization Administrator - This allows the user to register multiple users who are attached to the same organization they are attached to, for an event. They can also update user profiles for users attached to the same organization that they are attached to. An Agency Administrator can grant Organizational Administrator permissions.
10. Agency Administrator - This user has access to Manage Event
11. Super Administrator - This user has access to update Settings
12. Super Administrator - Read Only - This user has read only access to all reporting
13. Email and confirmation of email
14. Black Listed Email - Select "No" if the email address is accurate. myQuickReg will update "Black Listed Email" to "Yes" if an email bounces back
15. Password and Confirm of password
16. Users Position/Title
17. Phone number and extension
18. Fax Number
19. Does the user require special accommodations? If "Yes" is selected, there will be a red "special accommodations" link under their name on the Class List and it will show what's in the "Please tell us about your Special Accommodations" text area when clicked on

Adding a User - Part 2

1. Add the users personal demographics
2. Check the categories the user would like to receive information on. These categories are added by the Agency Super Admin under Settings>User Categories

Updating User's Data

1. Users name's are linked to their profile if the user is attached to the same agency as the admin logged in
2. Users without any registrations will have a delete option
Note: Users profiles from all agencies can be updated when that user is registered for the agency who lists the event

Find and Merge Duplicates - Step 1

1. Click on Find and Merge Duplicates once you have chosen the name of the user you want to Merge.

Find and Merge Duplicates - Step 2

1. choose the Name of the user you want to Merge.
2. Click on Search
3. Click Keep for the user you want to keep - this will be the user's only account, so pick the current user.
4. Click Merge for the user you want to merge with the user you want to Keep.
5. Click Merge
* You will be prompted "Are you sure you want to merge the Users?" Click Ok - then the Edit screen will pop up for you to Edit and save the newly merged user. When done editing, Click button at the bottom "Save Profile Information."

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