All Events

Users Point of View

The "All Events tab shows all the active events posted in MyQuickReg from all CESA's, The Network, and WI Rt.  All users can see the "All Events" tab.


1. Events can be viewed by month and year

2. Events can be filtered by CESA, The Network, and Wi RtI.

The Advanced Search feature has the below listed options:

1. Search by Agency such as a CESA, The Network, WI or RtI.
2. Search by All events or only events with a Graduate Credit available
3. Search by a keyword. This will search the Events description, facility, location or event type fields
4. Search Future events or all events
5. Search events by the WI Educator Standards they are attached to
6. Search events by the WI Evaluation Standards they are attached to
7. Click "Search" after selections are made

Users View

User can click on an event link in a CMS website, which will open a myQuickReg registration page
1. Existing user can log in to register
2. New user can create an account to register
3. Links to contacts for more information
4. Attachments
Cancellation policy can be added - This policy verbiage is added under Settings

Registering for an event

1. After registering/logging in, the user can Register for an event
2. The user can add notes
3. Click "Submit Registration & Continue to Payment Options"

Payment Options

1. Payment Amount
2. Payment date
3. Choose whether payment is from the user personally or from the district
4. Pay by Check, include the check number in the text box
5. Pay by PayPal. After submit is clicked, the user will be directed to the PaylPal page.
6. Cash
7. PO
8. PO number
9. Payment notes
10. Submit

Edit Registration

1. After the user is registered, they can log back in to edit the registration
2. Notes can be added
3. Registration can be cancelled
4. Click Submit Changes
Note: if a myQuickReg admin deletes the payment for the users registration, the user can update their payment by clicking on the "Make a Payment" link which is available when there's not a
payment attached to the registration.

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