Creating a Screencast

If you have a support issue that is difficult to describe, a screencast might simplify this situation. Screencasts are excellent for showing our support staff exactly what steps you are taking while working in one of the 4Schools applications and will provide them with a look at any error messages that may occur. If the microphone on your computer is active, you can narrate your screencast.

Setting up a Screencast

A screencast can be created in the support center when you add a new ticket or when responding to a ticket that is already in process.

Creating a Ticket in the Support Center and Adding a Screencast


Go to the 4Schools Support Center at

  1. Click on the Check your existing requests link to log in and then click on the Submit a request link
  2. Fill in the subject line
  3. Add a description of your issue. Give some basic information so the support staff will have an idea what to look for and then indicate that you have created a screencast to illustrate your issue.
  4. Choose which 4Schools application you are using
  5. Click on the Record screencast link.

OR Creating a Screencast in a Ticket that is Already Open


Click on the Record screencast link

A Java Script Applet will Open


Click on Run.


As shown in the screenshot above:

1. Move and resize the frame - Be sure to make the selected area large enough to show what you are working on. If in doubt, leave it as your full screen.
2. Click the red button to record
3. Press Done when finished (CANCEL will change to DONE when the recording has started. See the next screenshot.)


When the recording is in progress, the red rectangle indicates the area being recorded. Your voice will be recorded so you can narrate the screencast. A headphone with a mic gives the clearest audio. After clicking the DONE button, the next screen will display.

Uploading Your Screencast to the Ticket


Click the Upload button to attach the screen cast to your ticket. Note you can also delete the screencast or cancel the upload.

Screencast Attached to Ticket


From here you can Submit your ticket, click on the screencast to view it, or remove it from the ticket. Don't be overly critical of your film debut. We don't hold screencast Oscar nominations, but you could add that as an enhancement request.

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