Moving Pages

Here are the steps to move an entire page from one place to another within your website.

Locate the page you wish to move within Navigation Builder Home and select Update under Properties column.


For example, if you wish to move the Registration and Enrollment page, click on Update in the Properties column.


  1. At the top, click on the drop-down menu under Navigation Category.
  2. Select the category from the list where you wish to move the page TO.

In the above example, the page is currently in the District category and by selecting Families we are going to move the page to the Families category.


  1. Near the bottom, click on the Navigation Order drop-down. You will see a list of existing pages within this category. Choose where you want to place this page.
  2. Choose the Navigation Level.

Click Update to move the page.


The Navigation Builder will display showing the destination category for the updated page. 

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