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Master content is used when you have a tool that contains information that you would like to display on multiple pages. By creating the tool as master content, you are able to apply the tool to multiple pages and update all the pages via the content template library master content tool.

For example, a right-side text/graphic editor could contain a short list of the names of the department chairpersons. This text/graphic editor tool can be set up as Master Content in the Content Template Library then placed on all department web pages. If a department chairperson leaves the district and is replaced by someone new, the change would be made to the Master Content and all the web pages this tool had been added to display the updated the information.  

If you are familiar with how the Content Template Library works within CMS4Schools, please read on. If not, it would be a good idea to become familiar with that information first. Please review the Content Template Library article for more information.

Access Content Template Library


Create Master Content

From within the content template library, select either Main Body or Right for the page where you would like to place the master content. Add the desired tool for the master content to the page.
Note: Any of the tools within the CMS4Schools application can be set up as Master Content.
Note: You can also copy existing tools to the Master Content Library and designate them as Master Content. 
Add the desired tool to the Content Template Libary page and update the tool as necessary.

Within the heading of the tool, select (edit)

  • Within the heading, check the Master Content box. You can also enter a Tool Heading at this time, but it should be noted that the Tool Heading will not change via the Master Content function.

Click on the Save button to set the tool as Master Content.


In the heading, Master Content: Yes displays indicating this designation to the tool.

Add Master Content to Pages

Using the Navigation Builder, switch to the page category you wish to add the content to and click on Main Body or Right on the page you wish to add the master content to. 

Note: You can add master content to as many pages as needed.


Select From Template and choose the page that contains the master content desired. Click Continue.


All master content that has been added to this page will display grouped by Main Body or Right Side Bar. Use the checkbox to select the master content tool. Verify that the radio button for Use Master has been selected. 
Note: You can also choose to create the tool as unique content. If you choose to do so, a copy of the tool will be created that is not linked to the master content tool.

Click Copy. You will see a message stating "The content has been copied.".

Master Content Tool on Pages

The selected page now contains the Right Side Text/Graphic tool that was created and copied from the Content Template Library.


Instead of an update/edit bottom for the tool, you will see that that tool is "Using Master Content (tool id#)". 

Updating Master Content

Go back to the Content Template Library and locate the master content tool. 
Select to Update/Edit the tool and make the desired changes. After Submitting the changes for the Master Content, all tools Using the Master Content will show the updated information.
Note: Changes to the Master Content tool heading will not reflect on the page tools. The tool heading will need to be updated manually for each page.


Delete Master Content

If Master Content is no longer needed, you are able to delete the item and all of the tools using the master content.


Select Delete for the Master Content tool you would like to delete.

Deleting Master Content - Warning Message

Deleting a tool designated as Master Content will display a warning message, reminding you of the pages that include a copy of this tool.  


Pages that contain copies of the master content are listed inside the red box near the top. Choose the appropriate radio button, then click Submit.


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