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November 3, 2015

New Features / Enhancements

  • Master Content Ability to create a tool that is commonly shared across multiple pages. Ability to change the master content and change all of the pages that contain that shared content. Refer to the Content Template Library - Master Content for more details on using this.
  • Google Calendar Integration Import Range - Manually updating Google Calendar data now syncs 3 months in the past to 12 months in the future by default.
  • Google Translate Languages - Added new Google Translate languages.
  • Time Formatting - When a single digit hour is being displayed, the leading zero is no longer shown in any formatted time (ex. Upcoming Events, Calendar of Events, Announcements, 
  • Move Tool - When moving a tool, users can now select the Category to a tool to first prior to selecting a page making this workflow easier.
  • School Contact Information - Added the ability add contact information for each school to the 4Schools Schools Database.
  • Mobile Site Multiple Domain Support - Added support for multiple domains so that the mobile site will show when enabled for any defined domains.

Bug Fixes

  • Announcement Image Resizing - Announcement images when attempting to resize them smaller made no change to the size. This fix now correctly resizes them smaller as the user has defined.
  • Faculty List Back to District Link - In some circumstances the Back to District link was not working correctly. This fix now has that link going to the correct page in the appropriate situations.
  • Updated Text Editor - All instances of the text editor have been updated fixing many bugs including special characters, line spacing among other formatting issues.
  • Spell Checker - The spell checker was fixed to be operational following a module upgrade.
  • Edit Profile Return to Page - When editing Members Profiles, users are now returned to the Profile.
  • Google Calendar Event Spaces - Correctly displayed spaces in iCal feeds associated with Calendar of Events tools and Upcoming Events emails when events originate from Google Calendar.

May 15, 2015

New Features

  • Announcements Database Admin Status Filter - Ability to filter by Announcement status by Active, Inactive, or View All is now available.
  • Announcements Database Admin Default View - By default, only Active Announcements are shown when loading the Announcements Database.
  • Announcements Database Admin Sorting - Ability to sort by any of the fields in ascending or descending order.
  • User Account Contact Information - Social Media contact fields are now available for entry into a User Account.
  • Faculty Website Contact Details - Social Media contacts are displayed within profiles on Faculty website landing pages.
  • Faculty Listing Default Photo - Ability to override the CMS4Schools default "No Photo Available" image with an alternative image.
  • User Account Default Permissions - Changes to how default permissions are assigned. Website Administrators and Faculty types are no longer defaulted to checked. Additionally when creating assigning Website Administrator account types, no permissions are defaulted.

February 10, 2015

New Features

  • Google Apps SSO - Signing in with a Google Apps account is now possible when a user's email address in their 4Schools account matches their authenticated Google Apps Account. If users have a different email address than their Google Apps account, complete the new Google account information for that user found within their 4Schools account. Refer to documentation on Google Apps SSO for more information.
  • Google Calendar Integration - Publicly shared Google Calendar events can now be imported into CMS4Schools for display within the CMS4Schools calendar tools (Calendar of Events, Upcoming Events, and Mini Calendar). Refer to documentation on Google Calendar Integration for more information.
  • Account Settings - A new Account Settings screen is now available within 4Schools only for those users that are listed as Primary Contacts for your 4Schools services. You can now keep your organization's service contacts updated with 4Schools to make sure we have the latest contact information on record. Additionally, you can list your organization's public IP addresses within this section to be listed as a trusted traffic source when reaching your 4Schools services.

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May 22, 2013

New Features

  • Slideshow Image Cropping - A new cropping feature is now available for the Slideshow tool in the Main Body and Right Sidebar. This is present in both the Add Photo and Update Photo screens for a Slideshow. Images upon upload can be automatically be resized as previously or manually cropped. To learn more, documentation is available for the Slideshow Main Body and Slideshow Right Sidebar.
  • Mobile Settings - The settings for mobile sites have been moved to a dedicated Mobile Settings screen found in the left navigation in CMS4Schools. User accounts with permissions to the Settings screen also has access to the Mobile Settings screen. Documentation on how to use the Mobile Settings screen is available.
  • Mobile Quick Links - An additional section is now available on mobile sites to create additional links to important content on any website. This Quick Links tool can be found in the new Mobile Settings screen. Refer to documentation on Mobile Settings for more information.
  • Mobile Google Analytics - Google Analytics is now being used to track access to the mobile site. This is automatically available if Google Analytics is already configured on the site. If it isn't enabled, click on "Website Statistics" in CMS4Schools for directions on how to configure this.
  • Announcements Graphic Sizing / Positioning - Announcements now can have graphics positioned and resized like what is available in the Text / Graphic Editor. Directions on how to use this new feature of the Announcements Database is available.


  • Image Upload Improvements - All image uploads now have enhanced quality and takes less time to be resized upon upload. If you have images on your current site that are a little fuzzy, try re-uploading those images to see the improvement.

April 29, 2013

New Features

  • Text Editor - All text editors throughout the CMS4Schools Admin now supports Internet Explorer 10.
  • Mobile Contact Information (Schools) - School contact information can now be added to the Mobile Contact Information section which previously only showed the main district contact information. The new Schools Database is located in 4Schools for user accounts with User Database permissions. Directions on how to use the Schools Database can be found in the Support Center. The district contact information can also be edited through the Schools Database.
  • Mobile Emergency Alert - Active announcements assigned in the Emergency Alert category now show up in the mobile site.


  • Bulletin Board Post Deletion - Deleting posts quickly caused situations of removing the entry, but not being returned to the list of posts. This has been corrected so that the user is returned to the post listing.
  • Mobile Banner Image - Fixed issue with mobile sites not having uploaded banner for the mobile category to show the site name.
  • Mobile Staff Directory - Fixed issue with staff showing up multiple times in the staff directory if they belonged to multiple groups. Staff will only show up once in the directory now regardless of the number of groups they belong to.
  • Mobile Phone Numbers - Removed any extensions from any phone number link listed (if starting with "ex" so that they could be dialed from the smartphone's phone dialer. The extensions will still be visible, but will not be dialed.
  • Mobile CMS4Schools Admin - Provided access again to the CMS4Schools Admin if access from a smartphone browser.
  • Mobile Announcements - Announcements will only display if the today is between the start and end date of the announcement.
  • Mobile Contact Information - Removed extra space following Address Line 1.
  • Mobile Site - Fixed various minor mobile site bugs.

April 4, 2013

New Features

  • Faculty Homework Admin - Added the ability to create "project" or a multi-day assignment that allows the teacher to display the assignment plus all attachments and links each day until the Due Date.
  • rSchoolToday Cancelled / Postponed Events Strikethrough - “Postponed” and “Cancelled” events from rSchoolToday both have lines drawn through them if that option is selected for the various calendar tools. Previously it was just "Cancelled" events from rSchoolToday.


  • Calendar with rSchoolToday Facilities - "Away" events from rSchoolToday now display the Location and Facility in the CMS4Schools Location field separated with a pipe "|". The facility is no longer imported separately into the CMS4S4Schools Facility field. This will prevent the "Away" facilities from being added to the Request for Building Use tool. Any existing Away locations/facilities in the CMS4Schools Facility field would need to be manually removed.

March 21, 2013

New Features

  • Mobile Sites. Now available for all websites. Mobile-optimized sites will be available for visitors using smartphone web browsers. Visit the Mobile Website Setup documentation for information on how to turn this on.
  • Mobile Sites - Custom Colors. Added ThemeRoller to the Mobile Settings options within the Settings screen to allow for full color customization to mobile layouts. Visit the Mobile Website Setup documentation for information on how to access and use this.
  • Mobile Sites - Disable / Rename Standard Links. Added ability to disable and rename any of the mobile links that are available. Visit the Mobile Website Setup documentation for information on how to work with this.
  • Global Website Emergency Alerts. Using the Announcements Database, global website alerts can be posted on every page of the site by using the "Emergency Alerts" option on an Announcement Category. The alert will be displayed at the top of the website throughout each page of the site. Review the Announcements Database documentation to learn how to use this new feature.

February 19, 2013

New Features

  • Members Database Opt-in Form. CAPTCHA is now required for any of these form submissions.

February 15, 2013


  • rSchoolToday Event Status. Fixed issue with event status not showing as Canceled or with a strikethrough due to a change on how that data is provided in the rSchoolToday feed.
  • Homework Admin. Fixed bug requiring that Homework Type to be selected. When Homework Type wasn't required, this prevented the ability to show like homework types on the Homework Tool resulting in errors when performing searches.
  • Homework Tool. Fixed bug in assignments when no Homework Types exist and not keeping uploaded files when no Homework Type exists. 
  • Mobile Site - Settings. Fixed bug on Settings screen causing secondary mobile color schemes to error.

February 12, 2013

New Features

  • Mobile Sites - Upcoming Events. Better handling of a large number of events by displaying 7 days worth of events and paginating for additional weeks.
  • Mobile Sites - Announcements. Added alert to notify visitor that they are about to browse to a non-mobile optimized page on the site giving them the option to continue to desktop version of page or stay on mobile optimized site and not viewing the content on the smartphone.


  • Image Manipulation. Better handling of images that contain ICC profiles.

February 4, 2013

New Features

  • Mobile Sites. Mobile sites are now available for some pilot sites. This initial release offers Upcoming Events, Announcements, Breakfast/Lunch Menus, Staff Directory, and district Contact Information for smartphone visitors. Additional rollouts to more pilot sites will occur over the coming weeks and released to everyone late February if pilots run smoothly.
  • Faculty Bulk Photo Uploading. User Account Administrators are now able to bulk load faculty photos through the Users Database. The feature allows for uploading of a .zip file containing images (.jpg or .gif) and optional file index matching user's first and last names with file names.
  • Template Settings. Site designs using the Template Layout Design option now have an updated color picker on the Settings screen for each of the color values so that you can point and click on a color. To select a different color, click on the color value field and a color picker will appear so that you can choose different colors. 


  • Image Manipulation. Made changes to image manipulation code to improve performance.

January 31, 2013


  • Homework Admin. Fixed bug where grade level was not required for class sections. Grade level is now required so that appropriate data can be shown on Homework Tool on both Faculty and Main Site displays.

January 16, 2013


  • Image Manipulation. Changed image manipulation code to allow for different image types that were previously unable to be uploaded.

December 20, 2012


  • Expand / Collapse Tool. Fixed bug pertaining to the height of the first line creating too much space.

November 28, 2012


  • Translator Tool. Removed Yahoo Babelfish from tool due to it being deprecated by Yahoo. Translator tool still gives the option of using Google Translate or Microsoft Translator.

October 30, 2012


  • Calendar of Events. Fixed bugs relating to valid dates and times being entered.

October 18, 2012


  • Faculty List Tool. Fixed bugs relating to sending email.

September 18, 2012


  • Homework Tool. Fixed bug where some attachments were not showing for recurring events.

August 31, 2011

New Features

  • Text Editor. There is a new text editor available throughout CMS4Schools where there was a WYSIWYG editor in place previously. The new editor is compatible with current web standards browsers and will continue to work for Chrome, Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3.5+, and Safari 4+.

April 26, 2011

New Features

  • LessonPlanner4Schools Display Tool. for LessonPlanner4Schools customers, this tool is available for Faculty pages to display lesson plans (including homework and other lesson plan fields). Data is re-usable from year-to-year.
  • Homework Tool. For Faculty pages, ability to create courses, sections, and homework in a central database. Data that is entered into the database can be displayed on any Faculty Pages and on Main Site pages.
  • Translator Tool. Add Google TranslateMicrosoft Bing Translator, or Yahoo! Babelfish translation tools to the right sidebar. Google Translate and Bing Translator offer selection of which languages are available.
  • Social Media Tool. Add social media icons (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) at the top of a page using an AddThis account
  • Faculty Pages - Mini Calendar. Display a mini calendar in the right sidebar of Faculty Pages just like the Main Site tool.


  • Calendar Admin (Main Site & Faculty Pages)
    • updated data picker that doesn't open a pop-up window
    • ability to select multiple and random dates
    • Facilities time auto-populates with event time
    • ability to attach files to events
    • RSVP Email Address is now mandatory
    • option to allow Faculty Pages to display Main Site categories
  • Calendar of Events (Main Site & Faculty Pages)
    • by default, Select All Categories is selected when adding Calendar of Events tool to a page
    • ability to display Main Site event categories on Faculty Calendar of Events
    • fixed bug to Week View to show the current week
    • option to display calendar category on calendar
    • today's date is highlighted
    • integrated calendar search options within the tool (was previously a separate tool)
    • create a PDF calendar
    • print options now allow for selecting types of information to print in either PDF or print selection
  • Mini Calendar
    • by default, Select All Categories is selected when adding Mini Calendar tool to a page
    • ability to display Main Site event categories on Faculty Mini Calendars
  • Upcoming Events
    • by default, Select All Categories is selected when adding Upcoming Events tool to a page
    • ability to display Main Site event categories on Faculty Upcoming Events
    • ability to display 1-30 days, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 months, and 1 years worth of events
  • Tool Status Change
    • ability to schedule when a tool should be activated / inactivated (for display)
  • Resources / News Tool Split
    • ability to move Resources / News items to a new Resources / News tool or an existing Resources / News tool
  • Resources / News Tool Change Font Size
    • ability to modify the default font size for a Resources / News tool

November 26, 2010

New Features

  • User / Page Permissions Report
    On the Navigation Builder, there is a "Perms" column and icon. When clicking on that icon, you are able to see who has access to that page. 
  • Page / Tool Change Tracking
    On the Navigation Builder, there is a "Last Modified" column. This column shows the last modified date, time, and by whom of that page.  For each tool in the Main Body and Right Sidebar, there is a Last Modified entry showing the date, time, and by whom for that tool.  

  • File / Page Association Report
    On the Disk Usage Report, each file matches up with the Page Category, Page, and a link to that page to see where the uploaded files are used throughout the site.

  • Upcoming Events Color Coding
    With each Upcoming Events tool, the user can choose to use color coding which will display a color block prior to the event name in the Upcoming Events tool. If no color is defined for the event category, it will display the default color for that system.  

  • File Uploads / Resources File Types
    Each district can now define what file types are acceptable for their district to use on their website. This is in the 4Schools interface.  

May 12, 2010

New Features

  • Scholarships Database / Tool
    This tool will allow your guidance staff to post all their scholarships on your website using one centralized database. You can find an 8 minute demo / overview video of this tool at at the bottom of the page.

April 30, 2010

New Features

  • User Accounts Admin Consolidation
    All your 4Schools user accounts are now consolidated into one Users Account database.  While the functionality for your user accounts database will remain almost the same, you will actually access all your accounts from within the 4Schools dashboard rather than right within CMS4Schools. To learn more about how to access your user accounts, watch the the 6 minute video at  You will find this link near the top of this page.
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