CMS4Schools March 21, 2013 Change Log

March 21, 2013

New Features

  • Mobile Sites. Now available for all websites. Mobile-optimized sites will be available for visitors using smartphone web browsers. Visit the Mobile Website Setup documentation for information on how to turn this on.
  • Mobile Sites - Custom Colors. Added ThemeRoller to the Mobile Settings options within the Settings screen to allow for full color customization to mobile layouts. Visit the Mobile Website Setup documentation for information on how to access and use this.
  • Mobile Sites - Disable / Rename Standard Links. Added ability to disable and rename any of the mobile links that are available. Visit the Mobile Website Setup documentation for information on how to work with this.
  • Global Website Emergency Alerts. Using the Announcements Database, global website alerts can be posted on every page of the site by using the "Emergency Alerts" option on an Announcement Category. The alert will be displayed at the top of the website throughout each page of the site. Review the Announcements Database documentation to learn how to use this new feature.
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