CMS4Schools April 4, 2013 Change Log

April 4, 2013

New Features

  • Faculty Homework Admin - Added the ability to create "project" or a multi-day assignment that allows the teacher to display the assignment plus all attachments and links each day until the Due Date.
  • rSchoolToday Cancelled / Postponed Events Strikethrough - “Postponed” and “Cancelled” events from rSchoolToday both have lines drawn through them if that option is selected for the various calendar tools. Previously it was just "Cancelled" events from rSchoolToday.


  • Calendar with rSchoolToday Facilities - "Away" events from rSchoolToday now display the Location and Facility in the CMS4Schools Location field separated with a pipe "|". The facility is no longer imported separately into the CMS4S4Schools Facility field. This will prevent the "Away" facilities from being added to the Request for Building Use tool. Any existing Away locations/facilities in the CMS4Schools Facility field would need to be manually removed.
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