CMS4Schools April 29, 2013 Change Log

April 29, 2013

New Features

  • Text Editor - All text editors throughout the CMS4Schools Admin now supports Internet Explorer 10.
  • Mobile Contact Information (Schools) - School contact information can now be added to the Mobile Contact Information section which previously only showed the main district contact information. The new Schools Database is located in 4Schools for user accounts with User Database permissions. Directions on how to use the Schools Database can be found in the Support Center. The district contact information can also be edited through the Schools Database.
  • Mobile Emergency Alert - Active announcements assigned in the Emergency Alert category now show up in the mobile site.


  • Bulletin Board Post Deletion - Deleting posts quickly caused situations of removing the entry, but not being returned to the list of posts. This has been corrected so that the user is returned to the post listing.
  • Mobile Banner Image - Fixed issue with mobile sites not having uploaded banner for the mobile category to show the site name.
  • Mobile Staff Directory - Fixed issue with staff showing up multiple times in the staff directory if they belonged to multiple groups. Staff will only show up once in the directory now regardless of the number of groups they belong to.
  • Mobile Phone Numbers - Removed any extensions from any phone number link listed (if starting with "ex" so that they could be dialed from the smartphone's phone dialer. The extensions will still be visible, but will not be dialed.
  • Mobile CMS4Schools Admin - Provided access again to the CMS4Schools Admin if access from a smartphone browser.
  • Mobile Announcements - Announcements will only display if the today is between the start and end date of the announcement.
  • Mobile Contact Information - Removed extra space following Address Line 1.
  • Mobile Site - Fixed various minor mobile site bugs.
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