CMS4Schools May 22, 2013 Change Log

May 22, 2013

New Features

  • Slideshow Image Cropping - A new cropping feature is now available for the Slideshow tool in the Main Body and Right Sidebar. This is present in both the Add Photo and Update Photo screens for a Slideshow. Images upon upload can be automatically be resized as previously or manually cropped. To learn more, documentation is available for the Slideshow Main Body and Slideshow Right Sidebar.
  • Mobile Settings - The settings for mobile sites have been moved to a dedicated Mobile Settings screen found in the left navigation in CMS4Schools. User accounts with permissions to the Settings screen also has access to the Mobile Settings screen. Documentation on how to use the Mobile Settings screen is available.
  • Mobile Quick Links - An additional section is now available on mobile sites to create additional links to important content on any website. This Quick Links tool can be found in the new Mobile Settings screen. Refer to documentation on Mobile Settings for more information.
  • Mobile Google Analytics - Google Analytics is now being used to track access to the mobile site. This is automatically available if Google Analytics is already configured on the site. If it isn't enabled, click on "Website Statistics" in CMS4Schools for directions on how to configure this.
  • Announcements Graphic Sizing / Positioning - Announcements now can have graphics positioned and resized like what is available in the Text / Graphic Editor. Directions on how to use this new feature of the Announcements Database is available.


  • Image Upload Improvements - All image uploads now have enhanced quality and takes less time to be resized upon upload. If you have images on your current site that are a little fuzzy, try re-uploading those images to see the improvement.
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