CMS4Schools February 20, 2015 Change Log

New Features

  • Google Apps SSO - Signing in with a Google Apps account is now possible when a user's email address in their 4Schools account matches their authenticated Google Apps Account. If users have a different email address than their Google Apps account, complete the new Google account information for that user found within their 4Schools account. Refer to documentation on Google Apps SSO for more information.
  • Google Calendar Integration - Publicly shared Google Calendar events can now be imported into CMS4Schools for display within the CMS4Schools calendar tools (Calendar of Events, Upcoming Events, and Mini Calendar). Refer to documentation on Google Calendar Integration for more information.
  • Account Settings - A new Account Settings screen is now available within 4Schools only for those users that are listed as Primary Contacts for your 4Schools services. You can now keep your organization's service contacts updated with 4Schools to make sure we have the latest contact information on record. Additionally, you can list your organization's public IP addresses within this section to be listed as a trusted traffic source when reaching your 4Schools services.
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