CMS4Schools May 15, 2015 Change Log

New Features

  • Announcements Database Admin Status Filter - Ability to filter by Announcement status by Active, Inactive, or View All is now available.
  • Announcements Database Admin Default View - By default, only Active Announcements are shown when loading the Announcements Database.
  • Announcements Database Admin Sorting - Ability to sort by any of the fields in ascending or descending order.
  • User Account Contact Information - Social Media contact fields are now available for entry into a User Account.
  • Faculty Website Contact Details - Social Media contacts are displayed within profiles on Faculty website landing pages.
  • Faculty Listing Default Photo - Ability to override the CMS4Schools default "No Photo Available" image with an alternative image.
  • User Account Default Permissions - Changes to how default permissions are assigned. Website Administrators and Faculty types are no longer defaulted to checked. Additionally when creating assigning Website Administrator account types, no permissions are defaulted.
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