CMS4Schools November 3, 2015 Change Log

November 3, 2015

New Features / Enhancements

  • Master Content - Ability to create a tool that is commonly shared across multiple pages. Ability to change the master content and change all of the pages that contain that shared content. Refer to the Content Template Library - Master Content for more details on using this.
  • Google Calendar Integration Import Range - Manually updating Google Calendar data now syncs 3 months in the past to 12 months in the future by default.
  • Google Translate Languages - Added new Google Translate languages.
  • Time Formatting - When a single digit hour is being displayed, the leading zero is no longer shown in any formatted time (ex. Upcoming Events, Calendar of Events, Announcements, 
  • Move Tool - When moving a tool, users can now select the Category to a tool to first prior to selecting a page making this workflow easier.
  • School Contact Information - Added the ability add contact information for each school to the 4Schools Schools Database.
  • Mobile Site Multiple Domain Support - Added support for multiple domains so that the mobile site will show when enabled for any defined domains.

Bug Fixes

  • Announcement Image Resizing - Announcement images when attempting to resize them smaller made no change to the size. This fix now correctly resizes them smaller as the user has defined.
  • Faculty List Back to District Link - In some circumstances the Back to District link was not working correctly. This fix now has that link going to the correct page in the appropriate situations.
  • Updated Text Editor - All instances of the text editor have been updated fixing many bugs including special characters, line spacing among other formatting issues.
  • Spell Checker - The spell checker was fixed to be operational following a module upgrade.
  • Edit Profile Return to Page - When editing Members Profiles, users are now returned to the Profile.
  • Google Calendar Event Spaces - Correctly displayed spaces in iCal feeds associated with Calendar of Events tools and Upcoming Events emails when events originate from Google Calendar.
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