Accessing Resources

Welcome to WebOffice4Schools.  Organize your staff resources and forms in a secure intranet with paperless routing approval!  WebOffice4Schools provides a centralized online hub with a powerful search utility so staff can find the most up-to-date resources immediately. Protect closed-session School Board documents by storing them in WebOffice4Schools instead of your district website.  Save paper and time with online fillable forms and efficient routing approval.

This tutorial will cover how to access resources.  Administrative tasks will be covered in a separate tutorial.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard

The WO4S dashboard welcomes users with this streamlined dashboard.  The district name and other links are provided across the very top with other 4Schools applications your district uses directly below.  You choose the image and text that is displayed within the main body.  This area is populated with Announcements.

Let's take a closer look at WebOffice4Schools...

Your district name is displayed in the top left corner of the screen.  The following items are displayed at the right:

  • Signed in as ________ will reflect the name of the user currently signed in.  
  • Change password allows you to easily take care of this important task.
  • Users Database is visible only if the current user has permissions to access it and allows quick, easy access to your database.
  • Support Center is a handy link that will take you directly to the 4Schools Support Center where you will be able to find useful information about all 4Schools products.
  • Sign Out  

Directly underneath is a list of the 4Schools applications your district currently uses.  These links allow you to quickly switch from one application to another.

The WebOffice4Schools logo is displayed at the left with two or three dropdown menus on the right.  The Resource Library dropdown will only be visible if the current user has at least Read rights to at least some of the WO4S resources.  

Resource Library - displays the categories the current user may access.

Toolbox - displays a list of modules the current user has been granted permissions to.  These permissions are set within their account in the 4Schools' database and can include Announcements, Categories, Lost Resources, and Accept/Reject I-forms.  If Resource Library is not visible, check the users' account within the 4Schools database.

Help - includes a link to our help documentation.

Accessing Resources

Accessing Resources

By clicking on the Resource Library button in the top right, an identical list displays along the left navigation menu and dropdown list of sub-categories displays.

Choose a subcategory from the list.

The Resources attached to this category / sub-category will display.  Resources can be one of four types.

  • File
  • Internal page
  • Web link
  • I-form

To access the resource, simply click on it's name.

Additional Questions

Thank you for taking the time to learn about WebOffice4Schools.  We hope this application will become a highly useful tool to your district.  Please contact 4Schools Support with any questions.

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