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The Announcements Database is used to add/edit/delete announcements. Announcements are categorized allowing the flexibility of displaying them on a designated web page, i.e. high school athletic events on the Athletics Page or middle school events on the Middle School Home Page.  In addition, announcements are dated and can be turned on and off using a beginning and ending date eliminating the need to remember when to remove them from the website.

Permission for the Announcements Database must be assigned within the Users' CMS4Schools Account. Users can be given permissions for all announcement categories or only a select few.

Note: In order to display announcements on your website, an Announcements Tool will need to be added to the page. Please see the Announcements Tool article for more information about displaying announcements on a page.

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Open the Announcements Database


Click on the Announcements Database link on the Main Website Administration toolbar along the left side. The Announcements Database page will display.  

Announcement Categories

All announcements are required to belong to a category at least one category needs to be created before any announcements can be added.

Categories are used to determine where on the website an announcement will display via the Announcement Tool. For example, District, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and Athletics could all be used as categories to display the specific type of announcement on the correct page.


Click on the Edit Categories link to open the Announcement Categories.

  1. Add Category: Will open a window to create a new category
  2. Back to Announcements: Will navigate back to the Announcements Database
  3. Category: Displays the name of each category
  4. Emergency Alert: Identifies if the announcement category is set as an emergency alert. See the Emergency Alert and Emergency Alert Banner article for more information about emergency alerts.
  5. Announcements: Displays the number of announcements for the category
  6. Update: Opens a window to update the category name
  7. Delete: Allows you to delete a category and all announcements that are attached to it.

Note: Some typical category names are shown above, and you can be as specific as you’d like when creating categories. However, plan ahead on which page(s) you will display a category of announcements.  A category may be added to more than one page.

Add Announcement Categories


Next click Add Category to create a new Announcement category.


Enter the name for the Announcement Category into the Category Name field. Additionally, you can designate one announcement category as an Emergency Alert which can be set by checking the Set As Emergency Alert check box. See the Emergency Alert and Emergency Alert Banner article for more information about emergency alerts.

Click on Add to finish adding the Announcement Category. Once categories have been created, select Back to Announcements to go back to the Announcements Database to begin adding announcements.

Add Announcements

Select Add Announcement to begin creating a new announcement.

Enter the announcement information
* indicates required

  1. *Category: Select the desired category for the announcement.
  2. *Announcement Title: Give the announcement a title.
  3. *Start Date/Time: Set a Start Date and Start Time of when you would like the announcement to start displaying on the website.
  4. *End Date/Time: Set an End Date and EndTime of when you would like the announcement to stop displaying on the website.
  5. Announcement: Type in or copy and paste the announcement in this text area. If you are pasting always use the Paste as Plain Text () or Paste from Word (tools to remove any outside formatting that could interfere with your website design. You can use the tools on the editor to format the text.
  6. Graphic (optional): Click the browse button to locate a graphic to include with your announcement.  The image must be a .jpg, .png or .gif. 
    Note: The image should be formatted to the correct size before being added to the announcement.
  7. Justification: Set the Justification for the image. If "Above" or "Below" is chosen there is the additional option of choosing left, right or center.
  8. Image Width: Set the desired image width using the radio buttons. If "Custom Width" is chosen, enter the number of pixels wide the image should be. Images will be resized accordingly when they are uploaded.
  9. Alt Text: Provide text that will show when the mouse cursor hovers on the picture. This is important for accessibility for users that are utilizing screen readers and not visually seeing the screen.
    Note: This option will appear with a red asterisk by it, making it required, only if a user with permissions to the Settings module has made Alt Text required.
  10. Link Graphic To:  Add a URL to make the graphic a link.
  11. Graphic Link Type:  If a link is added in the "Link Graphic To:" field, use the radio buttons to determine if the URL should open in a New Browser Window (an external website) or in Existing Browser Window (an internal page.)
  12. Add: Select Add to create the announcement.

Announcement Order 


After creating categories and adding announcements, you will be able to filter the announcements by Category [1] and Status [2].

Announcements are sorted first by descending start date/time (most recent on top) and then by ascending end date/time. If any announcements have the exact same start date/time and end date/time, the tiebreaker is the announcement title in alphabetical order. Therefore, you can adjust the start dates and times of the announcements to control the order in which they will appear.

Watch the Video

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