Banner Library & Adding Banners

Banners are the wide area at the top of your web pages and typically contain graphics and text. The Banner Graphics Library is used to hold all the banner graphics that you will be using on your website.  

Access the Banner Library


Within the left navigation menu of the Main Website Administration page, click on Banner Library. You will only see the Banner Library option if you have permission to access this component.

The Banner Library Page


The Banner Library displays all previously uploaded banners.  In this example, two banners are listed.

  1. Title: A descriptive label assigned to each banner.
  2. View:  The View link displays the banner.  
  3. Page Category: Banners can be assigned to a category, allowing for more organization of these graphics.  In the above example, only the Art Smocks has been assigned a category.
  4. Apply To Pages: Allow you to apply a banner to multiple pages. See the Apply to Pages section below.
  5. Update: Takes you to a screen that allows updates/edits to an existing banner.
  6. Delete:  Opens the Delete Banner screen allowing you to delete a banner. See the Delete Banner section for more details.

 Add a Banner via Banner Library

In the top middle of the Banner Library, click Add Banner.  The Add Banner screen will open.

  1. Banner Title: Enter a descriptive title that will allow you to easily identify the banner.
  2. Is the Default Banner: Select the checkbox if this is to be the default banner that will display on a page if no other banner is selected.
    Note: There can only be one default banner.
  3. Is a Random Banner: Select the checkbox if this is to be a random banner for a category of pages.
  4. Page Category: Choose the category the banner will belong to.
    Note: Choosing a page category is only necessary if you have any pages that have "Random Banner From This Page's Category" selected for the page. You can click update on any page to see what the banner settings are for the page.
  5. Browse to locate the file.  Files must be jpg, gif, png, or swf files. Dimensions must be added for swf files.
  6. Click Add to create the banner in the Banner Library.

Apply to Pages

From the Banner Library, select Apply to Pages for the desired banner. This will open the Apply Banner screen.


The banner can be applied to multiple pages by Main Categories or Faculty Groups.

Finally, click Apply Banner to complete the banner addition to the pages.

Delete Banner

From the Banner Library, selecting Delete for a banner will open the Delete Banner screen.


  1. The number and type of pages currently displaying the banner are indicated.
  2. A new banner for the pages currently displaying the banner must be selected.
  3. Selecting Delete Banner, will delete this banner and apply the selected new banner.

Add/Apply Banner to Internal Page using the Navigation Builder

In the Navigation Builder, navigate to the desired page and select Update in the properties column.


The Update Internal Web Page screen will open.BL_7.jpg

You can either use an existing banner graphic or add a new banner graphic.

  1. Use Banner Graphic: Allows you to select a banner or banner type from the drop-down.
  2. New Banner Graphic: Allows you to choose a new banner and give the banner a title. 
    Note: The banner must be a .jpg, .gif., or .png file. If the photo is wider than 1800 pixels, it will be scaled down accordingly.

Click update to add the banner to the page. The banner will also be added to the Banner Library. 




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