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The Content Template Library may be used to copy all or part of an existing page, or to provide a template that can be copied to either the main website area or to faculty pages. Creating a template for faculty pages is an excellent way to have well-planned faculty pages ready for public viewing. It is also possible to "archive" a page by copying the entire page to the CTL (Content Template Library) and then deleting the page from the page category.

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Content Template Library Permissions

Access to the Content Template Library is controlled in the 4Schools Users Database. There are two places in the Users Database that control permission to the Content Template Library, one for faculty pages and one for main website administrators. See the Users Database - CMS4Schools User Account Permissions article for instructions on setting these permissions.

Permissions may be set to Copy Content From It or Copy Content To It. Generally, the permissions are set so most users have “Copy From” permissions and only a few users have “Copy To” permissions. 

Create a Template

There are two different options to create a new template page. 

  1. Add a new page in the Content Template Library.
  2. Use an existing page with content you would like in your template. Within the desired page, select the "To Template" functionality and select to create a new page.

Note: At least one template must be added to the Content Template Library for the library to become functional.  

Access the Content Template Library

In the Navigation Builder, select the Content Template Library section from the drop-down.CTL_1.jpg


Add a Page to the Content Template Library

In the Content Template Library, select the Add Page link to open the Add Page screen to enter the page information.


Enter template page information.

  1. Navigation Category: Content Template Library
  2. Navigation Link Name: Enter a descriptive name for the template
  3. Navigation Type: Select Internal Web Page radio button. The Physical File Name and Page Title will be automatically generated. You can edit them if you would like
  4. Navigation Link Status: Select Active
  5. Navigation Order: Select where the page will appear on the list of templates
  6. Navigation Level: Select the desired page level from the drop-down list

Select Add to create the page. After creating the page, you are able to add content to the Main Body and Right Side as desired for the template.

Copy to a Template

In Navigation Builder, navigation to the desired page and select Main Body or Right Side of the page containing the tool to be copied.


Once on the desired page, select the To Template link. Here you will have the option to copy the content to a new page or an existing page.


  1. New Page: Adds a new template page to the content template library. Enter information for the Navigation Link Name, Page Title, and Physical File Name.
  2. Existing Page: Use the drop-down to select which existing template page you would like to add content to.

Select Continue.



Copy From a Template

Navigate to the page where you would like to add tools from the Content Template Library.


Within either the Main Body or Right side of the page, select From Template. Select the page that contains the desired content from the drop-down menu.


Click Continue.


A list of the tools on the template’s Main Body and Right Side will display.

Check the boxes of the desired tools or Select All. The plus sign can be used to expand the content if you don't remember what is contained in each tool.

Select Copy. The content has now been added to the page. The tools can be updated/edited as usual after the copying is complete.

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