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The Embed Audio/Video tool is designed to work in conjunction with video services such as TeacherTube, YouTube, or SchoolTube.  If your district website will include a large amount of video, CMS4Schools recommends subscribing to a service such as EduVision.  Check out EduVision on our support site for more information.

Adding an Embed Audio/Video Tool

Adding an Embed Audio/Video Tool

Once you have determined which page this tool is to be added to, within Navigation Builder, click Main Body under Content.

  1. From the Add Tool to this page drop down menu, choose Embed Audio/Video.
  2. Choose the placement of this tool on the page from the second drop down menu.
  3. Click Add.

The screen shot below will display:

  1. Once the Embed Code has been obtained, paste it into the area provided.   Embed codes are available from the video service websites, i.e. YouTube, EduVision, etc.
  2. The alternative is to enter the width, height, and web address from the file in the areas provided.
  3. Auto Play?  If this is a video file, you can choose to play the clip automatically or require the user to click the Play button.
  4. Still Images can be added by entering the URL into the area provided.
  5. Finally, click Submit.

Display on Web Page

Display on Web Page
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