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The Embed Audio/Video tool is a main body tool designed to work in conjunction with video services such as Eduvision, TeacherTube, YouTube, or SchoolTube to embed information on a page. If your district website will include a large amount of video, CMS4Schools recommends subscribing to a service such as EduVision. Check out EduVision on our support site for more information.

Note: You can also use the Embed Audio/Video tool to embed where you have been provided an embed code (ex. google maps location).

Embed Audio/Video Tool Properties


The Embed Audio/Video tool will open. You can select the radio button to either Paste Entire Code or Audio/Visual Web Address.

Paste Entire Code Option


  1. Embed Code: Obtained the embed code for the object and paste it into the area provided.   Embed codes are available from the video service websites, i.e. YouTube, EduVision, etc.
  2. Still Image Web Address: You can provide a URL for a still image.
    Note: If you add a still image address you must also fill out the Still Image Width and Still Image Height fields.

Click Submit to add the tool to the page. The embedded file will now be displayed on the web page.

See the sections below for optioning the embed code for SchoolTube videosYouTube videos, google drive audio/visual, and PodBean audio.

Audio/Video Web Address Option


  1. File Type: Select either Audio or Visual for the file type you are embedding.
  2. Embed Width/Height: Enter the width and height
  3. Web Address: Enter the Web Address from the file
  4. Auto Play: The No (default) option will allow the user to press the play button to start playing the video. The Yes option will play the clip automatically after loading the page.
  5. Still Image Web Address: A still images for the file can be added by entering the URL into the area provided.

Click Submit to add the tool to the page. The embedded file will now be displayed on the web page.

Eduvision Embed Code

We recommend signing up for a 30-day Free Trial of EduVision. EduVision gives your school/school district their own video portal without advertisements. EduVision allows multiple levels of administration so that you can allow classroom teachers to post videos to their own channel or even their grade level/content area so that videos are very well organized. This is a great service to post student-produced video projects.

The EduVision portal was designed to be implemented into your schools' CMS4Schools web presence simply by adding a new page to your current site. Via an iframe, the entire video portal is delivered through your own video portal page. Additionally, individual video titles can also be embedded on your web pages via copy and paste embed codes that can be accessed by advanced contributors, the channel manager or site administrator. Starting in Fall 2011, your CMS4Schools offering will include additional integrated tools for finding and embedding EduVision video throughout your website. Single sign-on within your current CMS4Schools environment will also be supported at that time.

If you enjoy EduVision, please find out more about your exclusive EduVision pricing for CMS4Schools customers.

Under My Assets, you can select "Codes" to open the Player Tool window.


In the player tools, you can choose the desired size and generate an embed code. You can paste the embed code into the Embed/Audio Visual tool.

SchoolTube Embed Code

Under the video, select the Embedded Video option.


Copy the Embed iframe code and paste the embed code into the Embed/Audio Visual tool.

Youtube Embed Code

To display a youtube video on your website, you can use the Paste Entire Code option in the Embed/Audio visual tool.


In youtube, select Share under and to the left of the desired video.


In the window that opens, select Embed.


  1. Update Embed Options as desired.
  2. Copy the Embed Video iframe code and paste the embed code into the Embed/Audio Visual tool.

TeacherTube Embed Code

Under the video there are tags, URL, and Embeddable Player options.


Copy the iframe code from the Embeddable Player option and paste the code into the Embed/Audio Visual tool.

Google Drive Embed Code


In the file, select  (vertical ellipsis) and then select Embed Item.


Copy the Embed item iframe code and paste the embed code into the Embed/Audio Visual tool.

Note: The file should not be edited/moved/deleted while using the embed code on the website.

PodBean Embed Code

Within the podcast, select Share. 


In the window select the Embed option on the top. The information displayed in this window between the embed code and the more options will be what shows on your site.

Copy the Embed iframe code and paste the embed code into the Embed/Audio Visual tool.

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