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Occasionally content on a webpage gets bulky and it becomes difficulty to find information.  The Expand/Collapse tool is designed to provide a way to display additional information if desired, allowing the user to scan the headings first.  This tool can be added to a Primary web page or a Faculty web page.

Here is how the Expand/Collapse tool displays on a webpage.

Here is how the Expand/Collapse tool displays on a webpage.

The first screen shot displays the collapsed list.  Each item in the list appears with a (+) plus sign at the beginning.  

The second screen shot shows the second item on the list, Homework Support, expanded to display more information.  This is achieved by simply clicking on the (+) plus sign.  

Another example...

Another example...

Adding the tool

 Adding the tool

Click Main Body within Navigation Builder on the page you wish to add this tool.

  1. In the first drop down menu, choose Expand/Collapse Content.
  2. In the second, choose where on the page to place it in relation to other tools on the page.
  3. Click Add.

Setting up the tool

Setting up the tool
  1. edit - Add a Tool Heading, designate the status, either Active or Inactive, and Schedule a Status Change if desired.
  2. Add Content Item - Clicking displays the next screen shot, where information is added to the tool.
  3. Change Position - allows you to change the position on the page in relation to other tools
  4. Move - allows you to move this tool to another page within your website
  5. Preview - displays the page as it would appear to a visitor of your webpage.
  6. Delete - Removes the tool from the page.

Adding Content

Adding Content
  1. Position After: The drop down menu is used to position items in relation to one another on the page.  Which one is first, second, etc.
  2. Initial Content: The 'heading' of the content.  This will appears with a + (plus sign) in front of it.
  3. Expanded Content:  The additional text that appears when the plus sign is clicked.
  4. Add

Repeat steps 1-4 for additional items.

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