Faculty List from Faculty Database (Staff Directory) Tool

The Faculty List from Faculty Database tool can be used to display a staff directory on your school’s website.  This tool pulls the directory information from the Users Database.  When a new user is added, they can automatically be displayed in the staff directory.  

Within the Users Database, groups can be created and faculty/staff can be assigned to them. Each faculty member can belong to any number of groups. This allows him or her to maintain a single website and yet appear in multiple areas on the school website.  A few sample groups are; elementary staff, high school teachers, and bus drivers just to name a few. You are able to display all staff members on a page or any grouping of your total staff.  When displaying staff, you can include (or leave out) the following:

  • Staff pictures, phone extensions, email accounts, titles, etc.
  • Faculty web page links
  • A staff search utility 

Edit Faculty List

  1. Display Type
    1. Faculty List Display: Select either 1 Column - Tabular Format, 1 Column - Profile Format, or 2 Columns - Profile Format
    2. Name Display: Select either Last Name, First Name or First Name, Last Name
  2. Details to Display: Select the details that the Faculty List should display. The options include; Photo, Title, Email Address (strongly advise the use of CAPTCHA to protect email from spammers and email harvesting if displaying email addresses), Email Form, Phone Number, and Website Link.
  3. Faculty to Display: Select the Faculty Groups/Individuals to include this Faculty List. If no Faculty groups, or Individuals, are selected, then all Faculty will be listed.
  4. Search, Sort Order, and Grouping
    1. Search Result: Select if a search field is available and if the number of faculty matching the search criteria is displayed.
    2. Sort Order: Alphabetical
    3. Group Criteria: Select if "OR" or "AND" group criteria should be used
Update to complete your faculty list.

Faculty List from Faculty Database: Display Type 2 Columns - Profile FormatFL_3.jpg

Faculty List from Faculty Database: Display Type 1 Column - Tabular Format


Faculty List from Faculty Database: Display Type 1 Column - Profile Format


Search Option


If the Include Search option is checked, the above will display enabling users to navigate through your faculty listing.  It is recommended to use this feature if your database is large.


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