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CMS4Schools integrations with Google Analytics so that you can get anywhere from surface details on how many visitors are coming to your site to very detailed information on the dates and times of days visitors are coming to the site among many other things.. Visit the Google Analytics Benefits page to learn more about what Google Analytics.

A Google account is necessary to access Google Analytics.  To set up an account or log in to an existing one, go to Google Marketing Platform Analytics. If you already have an established Google Account, you can use this same account to create your Google Analytics Profile.

Near the top right, either Sign in to Analytics or Create an Account.

Note: We recommend using a generic email (such as a webadmin or info email) that isn't connected to a user to be connected to your Google Analytics account to prevent issues accessing the account in the future.

Create an Account


At the top right, click Start for Free. On the next screen, select Sign Up and follow the steps provided in the Get started with Analytics article

Sign in to Analytics

Select Sign In to access your google analytics account.

The Find your way around Analytics article from google is a good resource for understanding where the main reporting tools and controls are located.

The Guided Tours article help introduce all of the Google Analytics features by going through the tours of each topic in their demo account.

CMS4Schools Setup

In your CMS4Schools Main Website Administration, select Website Statistics on the left. Follow the instructions on this page to complete the necessary set-up for your Google Analytics account to capture website statistics. 

Don't forget to contact CMS4Schools Support with your Tracking Code/Tracking ID (i.e. UA-########-#) and google login email so that a CMS4Schools representative can complete the setup. Data will then be available within Google Analytics within 24-48 hours.

Viewing Statistics


While there are many, many areas to explore, the Behavior section along the left displays the number of visits to your website in an easy to understand format. Clicking on the triangles on the left will open up more options as well.

Visit the Google Analytics Help Center if you have any questions about using Google Analytics.


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