Mini Calendar Tool

The Mini Calendar Tool is available only on the Right Side Bar. This tool pulls events from the CMS4Schools or Calendar4Schools Calendar Admin, displaying all or selected calendar categories in a monthly or list view.

Access the Right Side Bar


In the CMS4Schools Main Website Administration Navigation Builder click on the Right content of the page where the Announcements Tool will be displayed.

Note: If no Right Side tools are used, the Main Body will use the full width of the page except for the left side navigation links. When tools are added to the Right Side, all tools in the Main Body will automatically resize to optimally fit the smaller width of the Main Body area.

Add the Mini Calendar Tool


  1. Add Tool to Right Side: Select Mini Calendar from the list
  2. After: Choose the position of the tool. The default is at the bottom of the page. The first tool added will only have the "Place at top of page" option. When there is more than one tool, select the item you want to add the tool after.
  3. Choose whether or not to use a line to separate the individual tools add to the Right Side.
  4. Select Add to open the Edit Mini Calendar


Edit Mini Calendar


  1. Default View for Results Page: Choose Calendar View (dates with events are bold and underlined and link to events) or List View. This is the format in which the events will be displayed after clicking on a link in the tool.
  2. Default Date Range: Choose from Current Month, All Events or a Date Range where you set the beginning and ending date. All three of these choices apply only to the List View.
  3. Show Mini Calendar: Displays small monthly calendar. Dates that have events will be underlined and a link to the event.
  4. Show Category for Results Range: Individual events will display the calendar category to which they belong.
  5. Strike-Through for Canceled Events: This option is only active if an rSchools athletic synchronization feed is set up for the district.
  6. Display Links: Display individual links to each calendar category selected, provides a single link (customized title) and displays the calendar events without a filter displaying all selected categories or no link is displayed under the Mini Calendar. Do not use the "No Link" option without the Mini Calendar.
  7. CMS4Schools Calendar Categories: Choose which calendar categories of events the tool will display.
    Note: If you also use Calendar4Schools, there will be a choice of all or selected categories from Calendar4Schools.

Select Update to add the calendar to the page.

Mini Calendar Tool Options



  1. edit - Enter a tool heading, make tool active/inactive, schedule a status. See the Tool Heading and Status article for more details.
  2. Edit Mini Calendar's Properties - Opens the Edit Mini Calendar screen.
  3. Change Position: Change the position of the tool on the current page
  4. Move: Change the location of this tool to another page by selecting the desired category and page
  5. Preview: Opens a new tab to preview the page
  6. Delete: Deletes the tool from the page

Display Link Views


Display All Checked Calendars As Separate Links


Display 1 Link Titled This


Display 1 Link Titled This - No Mini Calendar 


No Link



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