Site Map Tool

The Site Map tool is a Main Body tool that can be used to display links to other pages in the section. For example, if you have a level 1 page that is empty because all the content really belongs on the level 2 and 3 pages you could use the Site Map tool to display the level 2 and 3 links on the level 1 page.

Site Map Properties

The Site Map Pages screen opens after adding the Site Map tool to a page. You are able to add the Site Map for your entire website, any page category, or individual pages.

Choosing the Pages to Display

  1. Select All Page Categories: Use this link to add the Site Map for the entire main website. This will not include faculty pages.
  2. Expande All Page Categories: Select the "+" (plus) in front of  Expand All Page Categories to display all the individual pages in every category.
  3. Click the "+" (plus) in front of an individual category to expand a single category.
  4. Click the "-" in front of Expand All Page Categories or in front of an individual page category to collapse the list of pages.
  5. To include all the pages in a category, select the checkbox under Include This Page and Below
  6. To include the pages of a level 1 page and all of its level 2 and 3 pages, select the radio button in the first column for the page that is the starting point. That page and all those level 2 and 3 pages below it will display in the sitemap. You are allowed to click more than one radio button allowing you to include multiple groups of pages.
  7. To include only specific pages click the radio buttons for the pages in the Include This Page Only

Select the Update button at the bottom of the screen to save your selection.

Site Map Tool Display


The Site Map tool display consists of active links.

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