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The slide show tool has been modified to include more functionality than ever before.  Resizing and cropping images has never been easier.  This forum will provide step-by-step instructions for adding, resizing, and cropping an image to display properly within the dimensions of your slide show.    

A newly added function of this slide show tool allows for the addition of video clips.  The step-by-step directions are below:

Adding the Slide Show Tool to the Webpage

Adding the Slide Show Tool to the Webpage
  1. Within the Main Body Content on the page, choose Slide Show from the drop down menu.
  2. Determine where on the page you wish it to display from the second drop down menu.
  3. Click Add.

Enter the maximum Height and Width keeping in mind that if yours is a custom or theme site, these values have been predetermined.

Click Update.

Choose the number of photos you wish to add, up to 10.

In addition, a tool heading may be added here by clicking (edit) near the top.  

To add an image file, click the Add/Update Image button.

The above overlay will display.  

  1. Choose the file,
  2. Click Upload Image

The uploaded image will display with three tabs across the top, Resize Image, Crop Image, and Options.  The resize image tab is displayed above.

Properties of the slide show are provided near the top.  (these were set in a previous step)

The current dimensions of the image are also provided.  If there is a difference, you can either resize with the three options listed below, or choose the Crop Image tab at the top.

  1. Exact Image Resize (recommended) - Image will be resized to the exact/possible set max dimensions. Some images might require width or height cropping to the exact set max dimensions.
  2. Auto (Width) Image Resize - If image is larger than the set max width (in this case 400), it will be scaled down accordingly and might result in a smaller height than the set max height.
  3. Resize image to Width ______ and Height _____ with Constrained Proportions.

Click Resize Photo

When Exact Image Size is chosen, the image appears.  If cropping is needed, an outline will appear displaying the proportions of the properties of the slide show.  This outline can be moved include the area you wish.

Finally click Crop Photo.

The appropriately cropped photo displays.

To accept the image, click Options in the top right and choose Set Image/Done & Close.

If you wish to upload a New Image, or Cancel, these are options as well.

A few more options:

If you want to hyperlink the image, enter the URL into the area labeled Image Hyperlinked to Web Address

Enter Alt Text and Description/Caption for this image in the spaces provided if you wish.


Scroll to the bottom and click Add.

To make changes to this image, click Update.

To delete the image, click Delete directly below the image.

Change Position - allows you to change the slide show to a different location on the page.

Move - allows you to move the slide show to another page within your website.

Preview - preview the page, including the slide show

Delete - removes the entire slide show from the page.

Adding a Video Clip

Adding a Video Clip

To add video to a slide, an Embed Audio/Video tool must be added first.  This tool can be located anywhere on your website, but is often added to the same page just to simplify things.

  1. From the Add Tool to the page dropdown menu, choose Embed Audio/Video.
  2. Choose where on the page to display the tool from the second dropdown menu.
  3. Click Add

Obtain the embed code of the video and paste it into the box.  This code will be provided when the video file has been uploaded to EduVision, YouTube or any other video hosting site.

The still image information is not necessary as you will be using the slide as the image.

Click Submit.

Embed Audio/Video Tool Displayed on Webpage Admin Side

Embed Audio/Video Tool Displayed on Webpage Admin Side

When the tool is added to the page, it is assigned a tool number, which is displayed at the top.  This number will be used to identify the video within the slide show tool.

Also, if a tool heading has been added, this will also help to identify the video within the slide show tool.

Adding Video to Existing Slide

Adding Video to Existing Slide

To add the video to an existing slide, simply click Update below the slide.

Check the Display a Video: box and a dropdown menu labeled Select Video will display.

Choose the appropriate video from this list.  Notice they are identified by the Tool Heading and the Tool #.

Scroll to the bottom and click Update.


Slide with Video

Slide with Video

A slide with a video attached will display with the triangle symbol on top of the picture.  Clicking on the triangle will start the video.

After the video is completed, a close box with check mark will display along the side of the video and when clicked, will return to the slide image.  

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