Translator Widget Right Side

Add a Google or Microsoft translator widget to the right side bar of any page.

Accessing the Right Side Bar

Accessing the Right Side Bar

In the Navigation Builder click on the Right link of the page where the Translator Widget Tool will be displayed. If no Right Side tools are used, the Main Body will use the full width of the page except for the left side navigation links. When tools are added to the Right Side, all tools in the Main Body will automatically resize to optimally fit the smaller width of the Main Body area.

Adding the Translator Widget

Adding the Translator Widget
  1. Select Translator Widget from the Add Tool to Right Side: drop down list.
  2. Choose the position of the tool on the Right Side. The default is at the top of the page. The item showing in the drop down list should be the tool that should display directly above the tool being added. The first tool added will only have the "Place at top of page" in the drop down.
  3. Choose whether or not to use a line to separate the individual tools add to the Right Side. See image below this text.
  4. Click the Add button.

Set the Translator Widget Properties

Set the Translator Widget Properties
  1. Translator Type: - Choose which widget to use.
  2. All languages - The drop down list will include all of the languages shown in the screen shot above.
  3. Specific languages - Only the languages checked will appear in the drop down list when this radio button is selected.
  4. Update button - Save the selected properties.

Understanding the Translator Widget Options

Understanding the Translator Widget Options
  1. edit - Enter a tool heading, make tool active/inactive, schedule a status change from active to inactive or vice versa
  2. Edit This Translator Widget's Properties - Takes you to the screen shown in the previous step..
  3. Change Position - Change the order in which the tool will appear on the Right Side Bar.
  4. Move - Change the location of this Translator Widget to the right side of another page in the main website or to the right side of a new page.
  5. Preview - Preview the page
  6. Delete - Delete the tool from the page

Screen Shots of the Translator Widgets

Screen Shots of the Translator Widgets

Google Translate with a tool heading.

Microsoft translator provides its own tool heading (so there are two here); allows you to choose the border and background colors for the translator (default shown here); the "<>" takes you to; the envelope lets you share the translated page via email.

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