Upcoming Events Tool

Upcoming Events is a Right Side calendar tool that pulls events from all or selected calendar categories into a table format on the right side bar. Its best feature is the ability to display events from today and a selected number of days into the future. Once the current date is past the events for yesterday's date are automatically removed from the tool and then another day's events added to the end of the table.

Add the Upcoming Events Tool

In the CMS4Schools Main Website Administration Navigation Builder click on the Right content of the page where the Upcoming Events tool will be added.

  1. Add Tool to this page: Select Upcoming Events from the list
  2. After: Choose the position of the tool. The default is at the bottom of the page. The first tool added will only have the "Place at top of page" option. When there is more than one tool, select the item you want to add the tool after.
  3. Select Add to open the Edit Upcoming Event screen

Upcoming Events Tool Properties

  1. Date Range: Select the number of days to display calendar events. The drop-down list includes selections from three months in the past to one year in the future.
  2. Strike-Through for Cancelled Events: If you have rSchools integration, when the box is checked canceled rSchools events will display in the calendar with a strike-through format.
  3. Category Color Block: When the yes radio button is checked, events from calendar categories that were given a custom color will have a color block in that color displayed in front of the event title.
  4. Calendar Categories: If All Categories is chosen, all calendar events will display. If Selected Categories is chosen a series for checkboxes will display showing all of the calendar categories in your Calendar Admin. Check the boxes of the categories that should display on this page.
  5. Click the Update button to save your settings.

Upcoming Events Tool Options

  1. edit: Add/edit/remove tool heading, change tool status to inactive/active, or schedule a status change. See the Tool Heading and Status article for more details.
  2. Edit Upcoming Events Tool Properties:  Returns you to the Edit Upcoming Events screen and allows you to make changes as desired.
  3. Move: Change the location of this tool to another page by selecting the desired category and page
  4. Preview: Opens a new tab to preview the page
  5. Delete: Deletes the tool from the page
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