Public Users Database (Facility Users in Calendar4Schools)

The Public Users database is designed for users that will make Facility Use Requests via your website. Facility requests made using the Facility Request (Calendar4Schools) tool will go through the approval routing process.

Note: Facility use events added directly into Calendar4Schools, is controlled by the user's permissions, and those events do not go through the approval process.

The Public Users Database will have users that are staff members who do not have permissions to add events directly to Calendar4Schools and public visitors/users who will need to request use of your facilities. Go to the help documentation for Facility Request (Calendar4Schools) tool for more information about facility user requests.

Access the Public Users Database


Public Users Database Options


  1. Search/Manage: Use to search for users and manage user accounts and permissions.
  2. Import Users: Allows you to import users in the Public Users Database.
  3. Export Users: Allows you to export current users in the Public Users Database.

Search/Manage Users

  1. Select Add User to add a new user.
  2. Use the first name, last name, username, and status to search for users.
    Note: Select the Search button with no criteria to see all users.
  3. After searching, the users matching the criteria will appear below the search.
    Note: Select the pencil icon to edit the user's account and/or permissions.
  4. Select the link to email passwords to the users listed in the search results table above.

Add User

In the Search/Manage screen, select the Add User link to open the Add User screen.

*Indicates that the field is required.
  1. *First Name: Enter the user's first name.
  2. *Last Name: Enter the user's last name.
  3. *Email: Enter the user's email.
  4. Address: Optionally enter the user's address.
  5. Phone: Optionally enter the user's phone number.
  6. *Password: Select to type in a password or to generate a random password
  7. Email Password: Select if you would like to email the password to the user 
  8. Reason for Access: Optionally select to include a reason for access for the user.
  9. Is Active: Select the checkbox to mark the user as active.

Select the Add button to add the user to the database.

Import Users

3 - Import Users
  1. Follow the steps listed to create an import file for users you would like to add to the database.
    Note: A template text file is attached to this article that you can download and open with Excel or another spreadsheet software to add your user information to the template.
  2. Choose the file to import.
  3. Select if you would like to email users their password.

Select Import to complete the user import.

Note: If you are updating users already in your Users Database, consider doing an export in the Users Database and deleting the unneeded columns to create your import file for this Public Users database. You can then easily keep the user name and password the same as logging into 4Schools.

Export Users

4 - Export Users

Exporting users is a handy way to see every user name and password at the same time, or as the basis for a new import file. The resulting spreadsheet also makes a good database to use with a mail merge.

The export file is a .txt tab delimited file. You can right click and "Open with" Excel to view and edit the file in excel.

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