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Facilities are usually considered spaces (rooms, areas, gymnasiums, football field, etc…) within or near a building.   This forum will describe how to add a facility to a building within your district.

  1. When you select Facilities from the Toolbox dropdown list you will be able to add facilities to each building.
  2. Choose a building from the drop down list
  3. Then click on + ADD FACILITY.
  1. Key in the name of the facility.
  2. Choose whether or not to allow double booking when the facility is reserved.
  3. Add the email address(es) of anyone who should be notified if a facility use request is made through your website.
  4. Click the Add button.
  1. You will be able to see how many events are attached to each facility in the Events column.
  2. The Dropdown Position column will let you move a facility to a different position in the list by simply clicking on the up or down arrow as desired. Use these arrows if you desire to have a specific grouping of facilities.
  3. Use the SORT ALPHABETICALLY link in the top right can be used if the entire list should be sorted in alphabetical order.
  4. Click the pencil icon in the Edit column to edit the facility name, or to add/edit email addresses that will be sent a notification email when the Facility Use Request tool is used in CMS4Schools.
  5. A facility can be deleted when the garbage can icon appears in the Delete column. Note that a facility with events attached can still be deleted but one with a signup sheet attached cannot. The reasoning for this is, if a facility was in use in the past and was attached to 100 events over the past 3 years, it would be a huge pain to have to visit all 100 events to remove that facility from those events. That's why we allow a facility to be deleted even if it's attached to at least 1 event - with an in-your-face warning message of course.   But signup sheets are a bit different. The assigning of a facility to a signup sheet is not a repetitive task. There is a lot of historical data involved - but it's at the reservation level. Changing what a signup sheet is attached to doesn't change any of its reservations. A facility might several different signup sheets attached to it, but if that facility ever needed to be deleted for some reason, it wouldn't take very long to visit each signup sheet that is attached to it and reassign a different asset to it. Once complete, the facility can then be deleted.
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