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The announcements that are added to Calendar4Schools will display on the opening welcome screen when a user logs into Calendar4Schools. Announcements may contain text, a graphic and a web site link (More Info...). You may also specify a begin and end date to control the time period for which the announcement will be displayed.


  1. Announcements is the last option on the Toolbox dropdown list.
  2. The View dropdown list lets you select from Current and Future Announcements (the default), or from Past Announcements. Choosing Past Announcements will let you review/edit the content of announcements whose end dates have removed them from displaying on the welcome screen. In the Current and Future Announcements view you may edit/delete announcements or create a new announcement.
  3. To edit the announcement click the Edit link and make any changes needed. The edit screen is identical to the +Add Announcement screen shown on the screenshot below. Make sure to click on the Submit button when you have finished making changes.
  4. To delete an announcement click the Delete link and then confirm the deletion by clicking on the Delete button.
  1. Use the text editor to key in the text of the announcement. If copying the text from another source use the plain text icon , and paste the text into this clipboard. It will remove all formatting from the source application that may cause problems displaying the announcement in a HTML environment.
  2. Add any formatting that is needed using the tools at the top of the editor. Add the Begin and End dates by keying in the dates in the format shown or using the mini calendars to choose the dates.
  3. Select a Priority from 1 to 3. Note: announcements are sorted first by the Begin and End dates and then by Priority.
  4. If desired, click the Choose File button to upload a graphic in .jpg, .gif or .png format. Use the radio buttons and dropdown lists to set the appropriate justification for the graphic. Use the second set of radio buttons to set the width at which the graphic should display. If the graphic is wider than the selected width it will be resized. If the graphic is smaller than the selected size it will display in its original size.
  5. If desired, add a URL to provide additional information at a specific web page. Choose whether the page should open in a new browser window or in the current window.
  6. Click the ADD button.


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