Search/Manage Public Users

Access the Public Users Database

From your 4Schools account, select the Public Users (Facility Users in Calendar4Schools)

Note: The Schools Database link in the Utility Navigation bar will only be visible if the user logged in has been given permissions to the user database.


If you do not see the Public Users link when you are logged in, you do not have permissions to access the database.


After selecting Public Users (Facility Users in Calendar4Schools), the database will open to the Search/Manage screen.


  1. Search/Manage: Select to access the search Search/Manage screen
  2. Import Users: Select to access the Import Users screen
  3. Export Users: Select to access the Export Users screen
  4. +Add Users: Select to add a new user to the Public Users Database. See the Add User section below for additional information.
  5. Search: Select the Search button with no criteria to see all users, or add criteria (see red box) to filter the users.
  6. The table will display the users that match the search criteria. The information displayed includes First and Last Name, Email, Phone, Username, Active status, and Approval status.
  7. Select the Edit pencil next to the user to update the user's account
  8. To delete a user select the Delete link next to the user and click OK in the pop-up to confirm the deletion.
  9. Log in information can be emailed to the users with the link at the bottom. 

Add User

On the Search/Manage screen select +Add User link to access the Add User screen.

Note: If you are adding multiple users, consider creating an import file.


The First Name, Last Name, Email, User Name, and Password fields are required, as indicated by the red asterisks. The other fields are for your convenience if you wish to have the information from those fields available.

Remember to uncheck the Email Password box if you do not want to email the password as soon as you add the user. If you want to email the user at a later date you can use the Search filter to find the user and then the email link that will display at the bottom of the screen.

Click the Add button to add the user to the database.

The screen for editing an account looks similar to the Add User screen. Use the Is Active checkbox to inactivate or reactivate a user.

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