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The Schools Database can be used to add and edit your district's contact information including school name, address, phone number, fax number, contact email address and grade levels for each location. The database will automatically contain the contact information your district provides when you purchase a 4Schools application. The person(s) given permission to the Schools Database has the ability to add buildings and enter the appropriate data or to edit an existing building and modify the data.

You will no longer need to contact support to change a contact email address or make changes to addresses or phone numbers. If you add a facility or close one you can make the changes to your contact information without having to create a support ticket and then waiting for us to make the change for you.

Accessing the Schools Database

Accessing the Schools Database

Users with access to the Users Database will also have access to the Schools Database.  If you have access to the Schools Database you will see a link to it in the top right of the 4Schools interface as seen in the screen shot above. If you are in your CMS4Schools main website admin, click the Back to 4Schools link in the upper left to get to the 4Schools interface.

Add/Edit/Delete Contact information

Add/Edit/Delete Contact information
  1. Click the Schools Database link to access the database.
  2. Click the + Add link to add a new building and its data. See below for a screen shot "Add" screen.
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit existing information for a building. The "Edit" Screen looks exactly like the "Add" screen. Click in the field that needs to be changed and make your additions or corrections. Be sure to save your changes.
  4. Click the Delete link to delete an existing building and its data. Click OK to confirm that the information should be deleted.

Add a School

Add a School

Key in: (only the first field is required)

  1. School or location name. Required.
  2. Address line 1.
  3. Address line 2.
  4. City
  5. State - select from dropdown list.
  6. Zip code.
  7. Phone Number
  8. Fax Number
  9. Contact email address
  10. Check the boxes of the grades that meet in that location.
  11. Click the Add button to enter the new school or location into the database.

Contact Us on Mobile Website

Contact Us on Mobile Website
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