Support Site - New Accounts, Subscribing to Updates, and Submitting Enhancement Requests

We have recently changed to a new support system and are very excited about all the cool features available within it.  It is now possible to simply send an email to and it will be automatically entered into the system.  In addition, you may choose to log into the 4Schools Support Center where you can submit new requests or check on existing requests.  We will soon be adding phone support to this new system which will automatically generate a support ticket from a phone call.  As I said, we are all pretty excited about this new system!

To fully access the new Support Center, you will need to set up an account.  It's very easy, and we suggest using the same login/password you have for CMS4Schools, just to keep things simple.  

Wouldn't it be great to receive an email when things have been updated at CMS4Schools?  Well you can!  All you need to do is subscribe to the area(s) you're interested in.  Keep reading and we'll tell you how.

Accessing the Support Site

Accessing the Support Site

Go to and click on Check your existing requests in the top right corner.   The following window appears.

If you have an account, simply sign in with your email address and password OR with your Google account.  

If you do not have an account yet, click on Sign up to submit and track your requests online. »  See following step.

If you have emailed, you have an account, but no password yet.  Click on Get a password>>  See the second step below.

Setting up an Account

Setting up an Account

Fill out the form, click Sign me up! and you will receive an email asking you to verify the account.  Follow the onscreen directions and you will be taken to the Support Center where you can see your existing requests or submit a new one.

Getting a Password

Getting a Password

Fill out the form, click Submit and you will receive an email with further instructions to set up your password.

Subscribing to Updates

Below is a list of the many sections of our new support site that offer email notification of updates.  Signing up is easy.  Keep reading to learn how.

Self Help/Important Updates/System Status

Self Help/Important Updates/Product Change Log

Self Help/CMS4Schools/CMS4Schools Step-By-Step Documentation

Self Help/CMS4Schools/Video Tutorials

Self Help/CMS4Schools/Feature & Enhancement Requests

Self Help/CMS4Schools/Customer Connections Newsletters

Self Help/4Schools/Step-By-Step Documentation

Self Help/4Schools/Videos

Self Help/Calendar4Schools/Step-By-Step Documentation

Self Help/Calendar4Schools/Video Tutorials

Self Help/Calendar4Schools/Feature & Enhancement Requests

Self Help/Link4Learning (I-Forms, Resources)/Feature & Enhancement Requests

How to Subscribe to an Update

How to Subscribe to an Update

Simply click on the double-chevron following the section title.  The following screen displays.

As you can see, previous updates are listed and hyperlinked providing more information if desired.  

To subscribe to this update,  simply click on the button in the top right of the screen.  A message bar appears informing you "When somebody makes an update here, you'll get an email with the details"

You can subscribe to as many sections as you wish in a similar manner.  

Submitting a Request for Enhancement

Submitting a Request for Enhancement

Many times our customers have great ideas for ways we can improve our services.  We love hearing from you because often your suggestions will benefit other customers as well.  These Requests for Enhancements are reviewed periodically throughout the year and many of them are implemented into our system.  Here are the steps to submit a Request for Enhancement.

Log into the 4Schools Support Site.  Scroll down until you see Feature & Enhancement Requests (#)>>  There are 3 of these, one each for CMS4Schools, Calendar4Schools, and Link4Learning (I-Forms, Resources)

Click on the double chevron and the following screen will display:

Click on Suggest an Idea and you will be taken to the next screen.

Enter a brief description in the "What's your idea?" section and a more complete description below it.  The more detail you can provide the better.  If possible, include an attachment.

Finally click Add.

Check out the other suggestions

Check out the other suggestions

Other requests the have been submitted are also listed.  Check them out and add comments if you wish. or you can simply click the "Me too!" button to like the suggestion.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  You can reach us at the website - https:support/, via email or phone 507-246-6540.

We look forward to continuing to provide the quality of support you have come to expect from CMS4Schools.

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