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Users within the 4Schools/CMS4Schools Database can be assigned to groups.  There are two areas where this can be done and it is important to understand the difference between them.  

CMS4Schools Groups - the primary reason for having these groups is to allow the flexibility of creating custom staff directory lists for web pages that only pertain to a portion of the district's staff.  For example. displaying elementary staff on the elementary faculty list page.  Users can be assigned to multiple groups, adding to the flexibility of displaying them on appropriate pages.  

Members of these groups can also be used to provide side security to a specific page.  For example, if you create a Department Heads group, then create a webpage with side security, you can designate this page as accessible to only members of the Department Heads group.

To display a Staff Directory on your district's mobile site, CMS4Schools groups must be created.  

4Schools Groups provide a way to mass email passwords and to edit permissions to the group.  This forum will focus on the CMS4Schools groups.

Access the Users Database

Access the Users Database

From the left side navigation menu, click on User Accounts Admin.

Click Groups near the bottom.  The following screen displays.  

Note:  Do not click Users Database near the top center.

Add Groups

Add Groups

Before adding groups, make a plan for how these groups will be used.  Of course, additional groups can be added at a later time.

Click User Account Groups - Add.

  1. Enter a Group Name.
  2. Select the names of the users to be added to the group in the left column (multiple names can be selected using the Ctrl key).
  3. Click Add> to move them over to the right column.
  4. Finally click Add at the bottom.

Group Names and the number of users is displayed.

To add/edit/delete groups members, click Update.

Delete will remove the group.

Within the Faculty Listing Tool

Within the Faculty Listing Tool

Locate the Faculty Listing tool within Navigation Builder and edit the properties of the tool to display the appropriate groups.  

Note:  If no Faculty Groups are selected, then all Faculty will be listed.

Mobile Sites - Faculty Display

Mobile Sites - Faculty Display

CMS4Schools Groups are required to display a staff directory on a mobile site as show above.  

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