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Once a page has been created, a Calendar of Events can be added displaying events from the main calendar.  The calendar can be displayed in calendar or list view and can be set up to display all categories or a selected few.

Add a Calendar of Events to a Page

Add a Calendar of Events to a Page

Click on the Navigation Builder Home link on the administration toolbar to open the Navigation Builder.

Find the page to which you want to add a calendar. Click the Main Body under Content for this page. The Page Detail page will appear

Choose Calendar of Events from the tools drop-down box and click the Add button. The Edit Calendar page shown below will appear.

Select the options:

Default View: Choose either Calendar View or List View (displays one event per row).

Default Date Range: This will allow you to dictate how many events appear on the screen at one time. Since the Calendar view will always show exactly one month, this only applies to List View.

Show Month/Year/View Filters:  This provides drop down boxes for the user.

Include RSS Icon / iCal Icon / PDF/Print icon:  Choose any or all to display on the web page.

Include Category Filter in Simple Mode: Allows the user to limit the display to specific categories.

Show Date Range Filters:  List View only.

Show Begin Time:  Calendar View only as it always shows in List View.

Show Category:  Displays the category before the event title.

Include a Keyword Search:  Useful when there are many events listed on the calendar.

Strike-Through for Cancelled Events: Only available in conjunction with rSchools Today.

RSS Feed Title: The text users will see on their feed list.

Calendar Categories: Check All Categories or Selected Categories and choose which categories you want to display on this calendar of events.  You can choose any number of categories.  Likewise the same categories can be displayed on any number of pages.

Click Update at the bottom of the page.  The Calendar of Events tool below is displayed.

  1. edit - Enter a tool heading, make tool active/inactive, schedule a status change from active to inactive or vice versa
  2. Edit This Calendar's Properties - Links to the Edit Calendar screen as seen in the previous screen shot.
  3. Add/Edit/Delete Calendar Events - takes you directly to the Main Calendar Admin where you can make the changes. The link is only visible if the logged in user has the permissions to this function.
  4. Edit Locations and Edit Categories - allows for quick editing, the links are only visible if the logged in user has the permissions to this function.
  5. Move - Change the location of this tool to another page in the main website or to a new page.
  6. Preview - Preview the calendar on the page
  7. Delete - Delete the tool from the page

Public View

Public View

The options designated within the tool will display accordingly.  To print information from this calendar, click on the PDF/Print icons near the top.  The following diialog box will display.

Select any or all of the boxes available to include the information on the printout.  Depending on the events included in the calendar, these options will vary.

Click Print or Save PDF.

To copy and paste into another application, follow these steps:

  • Choose checkbox options, if desired.
  • Click Print
  • Cancel the dialog box that opens.
  • Highlight and copy calendar.
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