Calendar Search Tool

The Calendar Search Tool is a Main Body tool that allows your visitors to search calendar events by keyword and/or category over a specified date range.

Access Main Body


In the CMS4Schools Main Website Administration Navigation Builder click on the Main Body content of the page where the Announcements Tool will be displayed.

Add the Calendar Search Tool


  1. Add Tool to this page: Select Calendar Search from the list
  2. After: Choose the position of the tool. The default is at the bottom of the page. The first tool added will only have the "Place at top of page" option. When there is more than one tool, select the item you want to add the tool after.
  3. Select Add to open the Edit Calendar Search screen.

Calendar Search Tool Properties




Use the radio buttons to choose All or Selected Calendars. If Selected Calendars is chosen you must check at least one of the available calendar categories.

Click the Update button to add the Calendar Search tool to the page.

Calendar Search Tool Options

  1. edit:  Add/edit/remove tool heading, change tool status to inactive/active, or schedule a status change. See the Tool Heading and Status article for more details.
  2. Edit This Calendar's Properties: Opens the Edit Calendar Search screen where you can update 
  3. Add/Edit/Delete Calendar Events: Opens the Calendar Admin where you can make changes to events.
  4. Edit Locations: Opens the Edit Locations screen, from the Calendar Admin area
  5. Edit Categories: Opens the Calendar Categories screen, from the Calendar Admin area
  6. Change Position: Change the position of the tool on the current page
  7. Move: Change the location of this tool to another page by selecting the desired category and page
  8. Preview: Opens a new tab to preview the page
  9. Delete: Deletes the tool from the page

Using the Calendar Search Tool


  1. Choose which category or categories to search
  2. Enter the date range to search
  3. Enter your keyword(s)
  4. Select the Search button to display the results below the search area

Events in the date range and having the keywords are displayed in a table format containing Date, Category, Time, Event, and Location. If an Event is selected, a pop-up window containing the event details will open.

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