Links - Main Body Page Detail Tool

The Links tool will add hyperlinks to other websites in a well formatted list. An image can be displayed with each link along with a description. All are displayed in a table format.

In your Navigation Builder either add a new page or click on the Main Body of an existing page where the Links tool should be added.

Adding a Links Page Detail Tool

Adding a Links Page Detail Tool

The Links tool is a Main Body  page detail tool. The formatting of this tool is not suitable for the Right Side Bar. Use the Quick Links or Resource/News tool to add links to the Right Side.

Link Display Options

Link Display Options

Choose the type of link to be displayed. Hyperlinking the title will make the text you key in as the title the hyperlink. The second radio button will display the actual URL. Make your choice and then click the Submit button. You may change this tool's properties later.

Adding a Heading, Changing the Display Type and Adding Links

Adding a Heading, Changing the Display Type and Adding Links
  1. Click edit  to add a tool heading (optional). This is useful if there will be more than one Links tool on a page and also eliminates the need to have a Text/Graphic Editor tool to create the heading. Using the Tool Heading also keeps your heading text style consistent throughout your website. The edit link also has options to make the tool Active or Inactive and to Schedule a Status Change to make the tool go from Active to Inactive or visa versa on a specified data and time.
  2. To change from displaying the full URL to a linked title or visa vera use the Edit Display Type link.
  3. To add a link to the tool click the Add Link link.

Adding a New Link

Adding a New Link
  1. The Position After: drop down list controls the order of the links added to a single Links tool. By default a new link will be added to the top of the list.
  2. Key in a Link Name:, the title, (required as denoted by the red asterisk) This will be the link if the tool's properties are set to Hyperlink the Title.
  3. Enter the URL of the website (required) into the Web Address: box.. Key in or better yet visit the exact page the link should got to, copy the URL and paste it into the box.
  4. Click the Choose File button to add an image file. The file must be a .jpg, .gif, or .png file. Upload Photo: is optional.
  5. Use the Text Editor to add a Description: of what a visitor to your website will find when they click on the hyperlink. People will be more likely to visit the linked site if they know what kind of information they will find there.
  6. Click the Add button to create the new link.

Understanding the Links Tool's Options

Understanding the Links Tool's Options
  1. edit - enter a tool heading, make tool active/inactive, schedule a status change fro active to in active or visa versa
  2. Add Link - continue to use this option to add as many links as are needed
  3. Edit Display Type - change from a linked title to a full URL and visa versa
  4. See the links that have been added to the tool. For each link see a thumbnail of the image if one has been uploaded,  the title of the link and the URL. The URL will display here even it the Display Type was set to "Hyperlink the Link Title'.
  5. Update - change any of the information to an existing link that was entered on the Add Link screen.
  6. Delete - delete the existing link
  7. Move - Change the location of this Links Tool to another page in the main website or to a new page.
  8. Preview - preview the page
  9. Delete - Delete the tool from the page

Screen shot of Links Tool With Multiple Links Added (Titles are the Hyperlinks)

Screen shot of Links Tool With Multiple Links Added (Titles are the Hyperlinks)
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