Lunch Menu Admin

The Lunch Menu Admin tool is used to add, update, or delete food menus for your organization. All food menus are administered from this admin tool. The Lunch Menu tool is used to display the menus on a page.

Access Lunch Menu Admin


Within the Main Website Administration window, click on Lunch Menu in the left side menu. If it is not visible, you do not have user permissions for this module. Contact your website administrator to obtain the necessary permissions.

Lunch Menu Main Screen

The Lunch Menu Admin always displays as a monthly calendar.


  1. month,
  2. year,
  3. and category allows for quick filtering capabilities.
  4. Edit Categories: Categories are used to create food menus/meals (ex. breakfast, lunch, etc.). You control which categories are displayed on a page’s lunch menu tool by selecting which categories to display within the tool.
  5. Each date number is a link that takes you to the New Lunch Menu screen.

Add Categories

It is possible to have multiple categories/menus or only one. For example, a breakfast menu, elementary lunch menu, middle school/high school lunch menus are possible. Multiple menus are designated using Categories. At least one category/menu is required.

From the Lunch Menu Admin, select Edit Categories to open the Lunch Menus Categories screen.


Click Add Categories and the Add Lunch Menu Category screen will open.


  1. Enter a descriptive category name.
  2. Choose a color from the dropdown menu or enter the 6-character hexadecimal color from the color palette.
  3. Click Add

Your new category will appear in the Lunch Menu Categories screen.

Update, Delete, or Import Menus


  1. Update: Clicking this link will open the Update Lunch Menu Category screen where the Category Name and Color can be updated.
  2. Delete: Eliminates a category and all events attached to it.
  3. Import: Lunch Menu Data can be imported from a tab-delimited text file. The file can be created in Excel or other spreadsheet and saved as a tab delimited .txt file. This screen contains the requirements and specifications for importing events.

Import Lunch Menu Data


  1. Provides the necessary placement of data in the tab-delimited file.
  2. Choose File to locate the import file.
  3. Click Import Lunch Menu Data create new lunch menu items.


Add New Menu Item


From the Lunch Menu Admin, click on the date number that you would like to add a new lunch menu item to and the New Lunch Menu screen will open.


  1. Category: Select at least one menu this item is to be added to. 
    Note: You may select more than one category. 
  2. Enter a description for the item.
  3. Click Submit Menu to create the item.

Update or Delete a Menu Item


Within Lunch Menu Admin, click on the item on the calendar that you want to update. This will bring up the Update Lunch Menu screen for this event.

Update Menu Item


On the Update Lunch Menu screen, you can make modifications to the Category, Date, or Description. Click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Delete Menu Item

On the Update Lunch Menu screen, you can select the delete button at the bottom of the page to delete the item.

Display Menus

The Lunch Menu Admin link on the administration toolbar is used for adding, editing, and deleting menu items only. 

To display menus on a page, a Lunch Menu tool must be added to the main body of a page.

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