Membership Opt-In Form Tool

The Members Database Opt-In Form tool is a main body tool that can be used as a way to offer visitors to your website a way to sign up for automatic weekly calendar updates and/or access to login to a secure page(s). This tool can also be used for alumni to create an account in the district’s Alumni database. Members are managed via the Members Database.

Membership Opt-In Form Properties


  1. Email Notification Addresses: Enter the email address of the person who will be in charge of approving requests. When a request comes in, emails are sent to both the requester and the approver.  
  2. Select which fields to include on the Opt-In Form: Use the checkboxes to select which fields you would like users to have the option of filling in.
  3. CMS4Schools Event Categories to subscribe to:  Categories within Calendar Admin allow for Members Database users to subscribe to designated categories. Use the Include checkbox to allow users to select the category and the Checked By Default option to have the category pre-selected on the form.
    Note: If a new calendar category for Soccer is added, there is a checkbox "Can Subscribe? Yes, allow Members Database members to subscribe to this category."   If checked, the calendar category appears on this Opt-In Form giving members the choice to receive a weekly email regarding events tied to this category.
    Note: If your district uses Calendar4Schools, additional choices regarding calendar category access are provided.  
  4. Groups you belong to: Check Yes if you plan to allow the user to decide which groups to join. Use the Include checkbox to allow users to select the category and the Checked By Default option to have the category pre-selected on the form.
  5. Needs Approval: If unchecked, will allow public visitors to sign up for the database without approval. If checked, the request will need approval. You would use this option primarily to collect information about the people who request membership. You would have no control over the quality of the data entered into your database.  

Click Submit to finalize these choices and add the tool to the page.

Membership Opt-In Form Options


  1. edit: Add/edit/remove tool heading, change tool status to inactive/active, or schedule a status change.
  2. Select fields and default values for the form: Select this to open the Members Database - Opt-In Form screen to make any changes necessary to the form.
  3. A list of submissions will appear here if users have submitted the Membership Database Form.
  4. Change Position: Change the position of the tool on the current page
  5. Move: Change the location of this tool to another page by selecting the desired category and page
  6. Preview: Opens a new tab to preview the page
  7. Delete: Deletes the tool from the page

Approve/Reject Request(s) for Membership

The person requesting the login will receive an email when the request is submitted with the subject line “Membership Database Submission.”  The email will also provide a link to log in and update their profile information once they have been approved. The person whose email address is entered into the top box of the Membership Database Opt-in Form properties will receive a copy of the same email, and if Needs Approval is checked, will know to go to the tool to accept/reject the request.

Requests are approved or rejected through the Members Database Opt-In Form tool. Once a request has been submitted, there will be a list of membership requests in the tool.


You can Approval All, Reject All, Approve/Reject individual requests, and add a comment to be included with the email notification regarding your decision.

  • If the request is approved, an email will be sent with the subject line “Membership Approved.”
  • If the request is denied, an email “Membership Rejected”. If you do reject a person as a member, be sure to use the decision comments link to include an explanation as to why their request was denied.


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