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This document describes how to set up CMS4Schools calendar categories to receive events from rSchoolToday.

Some schools add non-athletic school activities to rSchoolToday. These events can be handled in the same way as athletic events.

If you had a ScheduleStar feed set up and are switching to rSchoolToday, let support know when you are ready and we can delete all ScheduleStar events for you so you do not have duplicate events displaying.

Create a support ticket asking us to set up an rSchoolToday feed. Include your rSchoolToday URL in the request.

Create a support ticket asking us to setup an rSchools feed. Include your rSchools URL in the request.

Copy and paste the URL of your rSchoolToday page into the support ticket, requesting that an rSchools feed be set up.  Make sure you are on your school's page not the conference page.

Choose an rSchoolToday Feed Option

rSchoolToday feed connected to your CMS4Schools calendar categories

  • Your calendar categories will update each night when the feed runs
  • You can run a manual update to force any changes made during the day to display in your CMS calendar

Contact rSchoolToday directly and request a quote for their Real-Time Integration
rSchoolToday does charge a setup fee an annual fee for this integration

  • New events, updates, and cancellations will automatically feed into your CMS4Schools calendar shortly after the change is made in rSchoolToday
  • Eliminates the second step of logging into your CMS4Schools calendar admin and running the manual update, if the change needs to appear on the calendar that same day.

Setting up CMS4Schools Calendar Categories to receive the rSchoolToday Feed

Setting up CMS Calendar Categories to receive the rSchools Feed

Once 4Schools support has notified you that your rSchools feed has been set up, go to your Calendar Admin and click on the Edit Categories link which will take you to the area seen in the screen shot above. Click the link Click here to update these drop down boxes. A pop up will appear stating "After clicking OK, please wait a few minutes while we update the drop down lists." You may want to work on something else while the list updates. The "few minutes" can be quite a few minutes.

When the drop down boxes have been updated a message in red will display above the header row.

To set up a calendar category to receive events from your rSchoolToday feed you will need either add a new category via the Add Category link or click the Update link for an existing category to make it a rSchoolToday category. See the two arrows in the screenshot above.


Creating a New Calendar Category to Receive rSchoolToday Events

Creating a New Calendar Category to Receive rSchools Events

The number of rSchoolToday categories you have is up to your district. It takes time to set up the categories but once things are working there is very little maintenance. CMS4Schools districts vary from having a single category named "Athletics" to having 30+ rSchoolToday Athletic categories. The advantage to having very specific categories like the one being created above is the flexibility it gives you when using the calendar tools (Calendar of Events, Mini Calendar, and Upcoming Events) on your web pages. All calendar tools allow you to specify which categories you want the tool to display.

This gives you two district advantages. The first is to your users who can select which categories they wish to view. If the user has a son on the varsity basketball team they can select the single category shown above and see only the events in that category instead of scrolling through a long list of events for the day. The other advantage is seen when you have web pages for a specific team, say boys varsity basketball. You can add a calendar tool to that page and have it display that single category.

If you want more than just an "Athletics" category but do not wish to be as specific as boys varsity basketball you could have categories for "Boys Basketball" and "Girls Basketball" but not each team. You could also have a category for each sport regardless of gender. Before adding categories, plan what categories you will want. The category names will appear in alphabetical order. If you want the categories displayed where all the same sports categories are together, be sure to start the category name with the sport.

When the Add Category link is clicked, the above dialog box opens. Enter the name of the category, click the View Hexadecimal Codes link and choose a color the event text will be. If you leave the box blank the font color will be black.

The first two checkboxes (Can Subscribe? and Faculty Can Include?) are covered in the Calendar Admin documentation.

Select the "Is A rSchool" checkbox. As soon as that box is checked, the dialog box will expand.  See below.

At this point, a sport can be selected from the list and added to the right side. Once that is done, this window will expand again and allow access to the other rSchoolToday fields that are imported via the feed. If the "Check here to skip the sport requirement" is checked, the window will expand so all the fields are visible before the sport(s) is/are selected.

Every category designated as a rSchoolToday category must have at least one "Sport" selected.  Move other options to the right side as needed for the Levels, Genders and Types fields. For the most part, ignore the last three fields unless you are getting events showing in your CMS4Schools calendar that you do not want to come through. Note: the control key will let you select multiple options to add to the right side.

Except for the "Sport" field which must have at least one item selected, only move items to the right side if there will be at least one item remaining on the left side that you do not want to be displayed for that category. Think of the options moved to the right as restrictions. The more Items on the right side (except in the Sport field), the fewer events that will feed into that category.

Click the Submit button when the category is set up.

Repeat this process until you have the categories you need. See the information below on making an existing category into a rSchoolToday category.

Editing an Existing Calendar Category to Receive an rSchoolToday Category

Click the Edit Categories link in your Calendar Admin. Then click the Update link for the existing category you want to receive rSchoolToday events. Check the "Is A rSchools" box and proceed as you would for any new calendar category.

Calendar Categories Before Running the Manual Update

Calendar Categories Before Running the Manual Update

For the purpose of this help document, two calendar categories are designated as rSchoolToday categories. The basketball category is very specific pulling events for a single team. The HS/MS category was edited to connect it to the rSchoolToday feed. All non-athletic events and practices were added to it. The vertical rectangles show whether or not the category is connected to the rSchoolToday feed and how many events are connected to the category.

To run the manual updated and pull events into the calendar via the feed click the Back to Calendars link at the top of the screen.

Manually Updating the rSchoolToday Events

Manually Updating the rSchools Events

Click the rSchool Today ? link.

The date range can be modified from the default setting of 12 months starting one month in the past. Click the links to choose a date or key in the dates you want to use.. If you have purchased and are using the Facility Scheduler in rSchoolToday you should read the information above the Save button and decide whether or not you need to check the box. If you check the box be sure to click on the Save button.

To manually update rSchoolToday events click the Run Now For Date Range Above button. This can take a while to complete. Be patient. You may want to work on something else while this is running. When the update is complete you will be returned to the calendar screen and a red message will state that rSchool events have been captured.

rSchoolToday events have been added to the calendar. This view is showing all categories.

This calendar has the Basketball - Boys Varsity category selected. Notice how easy it is to see at a glance when these events will take place. This is the advantage to setting up specific categories.

You can see when you compare this to an earlier screenshot, how many events we pulled in via the rSchoolToday feed.

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