Scholarship Database and Tool

The Scholarship Database is designed for high school guidance offices as a place to store all relevant information and forms for each scholarship offered in the district. When paired with the main

website “Scholarship” page detail tool, it creates a web resource for students and parents. The district’s guidance counselors can use the “Scholarship” tool to display scholarships by category, set the begin and end date for the time the scholarship should be displayed on the page, show the due date and add attachments such as a copy of the application, description or special instructions.

There is an eight minute video describing the Scholarship Database and Tool found at:

The Scholarship Database and Tool are main website tools and not available on faculty pages. We recommend that the guidance office be given permissions to the Scholarship Database and a page or pages dedicated to displaying scholarship opportunities. If the guidance counselor has faculty pages he or she can include a link to the main website page(s) where scholarships are shown.

Access to the Scholarship Database is through a left-side link on the main website admin. If you do not see the left-side link, you do not have permission to access the database. Permission to access the Scholarship Database is given in the 4Schools Users Database. Edit the user’s account, and select the check box for the Scholarship Database on the CMS4Schools tab, Web Site Admin subtab. If the user is not already a main website admin they will need to be made one. If the person put in charge of the Scholarship database should only be able to edit the pages displaying the scholarships, on the Navigation Builder tab for that person’s user account check only the pages you have already created for that purpose.

If you are accessing the Scholarship Database for the first time, you will need to create at least one scholarship category before you can add a scholarship. Before creating your database, decide how you will want to display your scholarships once they are in the database. Creating categories lets you group the scholarships and then display a specific group or groups using the Scholarship main website page detail tool. If you have relatively few scholarships and want them all to display on a single web page, create a single category named “General” and add all the scholarships to that category.

Add a Scholarship Category

To add a Scholarship Category:

  • Click the left side Scholarship Database link
  • Click the link Add Scholarship Category
  • Key in the name for the category
  • Click the Add button
  • To add another category, click the Add Scholarship Category again and repeat the steps.

Once the categories are created scholarships may be added to the database.

Click the left side Scholarship Database link and then the Add Scholarship link at the top of the screen.

The first eight fields are required as denoted by the red asterisk.  

Scholarship: Key in the title.

Category:  Choose the appropriate category from the drop down list.

Dates can be keyed in or selected using the mini calendar link.

Due Date:  enter the date the scholarship must be received in the guidance office.

Amount:  enter the amount  to be awarded

Start Date:  the date the scholarship information will appear on the website via the Scholarship tool.

Start Time:  the time the scholarship should begin to display on the start date.

End Date:  the date the scholarship should be removed from the website.

End Time:  the time the scholarship should be removed on the end date.

There are three text editors; Requirements, Awards, and Other Information, where additional information about the scholarship may be added. If you are copying and pasting text from another source it is best to copy the text from your source document and paste it into the text editor using the Paste as Plain Text tool (the middle of the three clipboards) on the toolbar.

Click the Add button when you are done entering the information.

Update and Delete Scholarships

Update and Delete Scholarships

When a scholarship has been added it will show up in a list under the Add Scholarship link.

Update:  use the link to make changes to any information entered in the Add Scholarship screen. The Update link will open the filled in Add Scholarship page and let you modify all of the fields. In

essence when your the end date set for the scholarship arrives the scholarship will become inactive until you update the scholarship the next year. The Active field will show as Yes when the calendar

date is between your start and end dates.

Delete:  use this link to delete the scholarship. Do not delete a scholarship unless you are sure it will never be offered again.

Add Attachments

Add Attachments

Click on the Attachments link. See the screen shot above this screen shot. The Attachments link is located to the right of the Update link.

You will be able to add multiple attachments to the scholarship posting. The attachment may be a File, a Website link or Text entered via the text editor provided. Only one of the three options may be selected for each attachment. Be sure to click the Add button to save the attachment.

As attachments are added they will be shown in a table like the one below. The links in the table will allow you to add another attachment using the Add to the Top, Add to the Bottom or Insert After links thereby controlling the order in which the attachments will be displayed.

Update:  this link will let you update the contents of the attachment, in other words uploading a new file, changing the web site link or editing the text. You will not be able to change the type of attachment. If this is necessary you will need to delete the attachment and add one of the correct type.

Delete:  use to remove the attachment.

Preview: use to see what the attachment will look like to your public viewers on the website.

Scholarship Tool

The Scholarship tool may be added to any main website page. As mentioned in the introduction, if the district’s guidance office will be in charge of maintaining the Scholarship Database and posting the scholarships to your website you will need to give someone on the guidance staff permissions to the database and access to edit the pages where the scholarships will be listed.

To create a main website page that will display scholarship opportunities:

  • In the Navigation Builder, Add a page to the appropriate category
  • On the new page, from the drop down list of tools, choose Scholarships, and click the Add button.
  • Choose the sort order for the list, Due Date or Scholarship Name.
  • Check the categories to be displayed on the page. (If you don’t choose a category all categories will be listed.)
  • Click on the Submit button.

Scholarship Tool displaying a Scholarship with Attachments

Scholarship Tool displaying a Scholarship with Attachments
  • Scholarships can be searched by keyword.
  • The viewer can change the sort order.
  • In the screen shot above the “+” in front of the Scholarship Name was expanded to show the details about the scholarship and give access to the attachment links.
  • The “+” in front of the attachment link “Text type attachment” is expanded to show the text that was entered into the text editor.
  • The Print Short List link will display the information in the header and top row of the screen shot.
  • The Print Expanded list will print all the information about the scholarship in the same format as shown in the screen shot.
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