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Signup Sheets can be used by staff members and other users who have accounts in the 4Schools Users Database to reserve facilities and/or resources. The Facility Request tool in CMS4Schools allows registered and approved public users to reserve facilities and/or resources.

Before adding Signup Sheets create your Timeframes and put in any Blackout Dates. You will choose a Timeframe for each sheet you create. The Blackout Dates are dates where you do not want staff members to be able to reserve facilities and/or resources.

To add a timeframe, click on the + ADD TIMEFRAME link.

  1. Key in a descriptive name for the timeframe you are creating.
  2. Uncheck any days of the week that should not be included. Many Signup Sheets will have Sunday and Saturday unchecked. If an item is always busy on Tuesday and Thursday but could be reserved on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then only those three days would be left checked.
  3. Click the Add button to save the timeframe.

To add the periods and begin/end times to the timeframe, click on the Periods link for the timeframe.

The drop down list in the screenshot above lets you select other Timeframes if you wish to add Periods to other timeframes.

Adding a Period

Adding a Period

To add a new period, click +ADD.  The following screen displays.

  1. Key in a name for the period.
  2. Use the time pickers to choose begin and end times. Times may also be typed in.
  3. Click the Add button to save your information.  Note: You can choose to display period names or begin/end times on each signup sheet created.
  1. To change the period name or the begin/end times, click on the pencil icon in the Edit column.
  2. A timeframe can only be deleted if there are no signup sheets using that time frame. Use the garbage icon can in the Delete column to delete a timeframe with no signup sheets attached.

Blackout Dates

Blackout Dates

Blackout Dates are those dates on the Signup Sheets where you do not want staff members to be able to create reservations. These dates are often the weekdays of the school year that students are not in attendance. Blackout Dates will be grayed out in the Signup Sheets and will not have the periods or begin/end times displayed.

To set a blackout date, click +ADD BLACKOUT DATE and the following screen will display.

  1. Key in or choose the date from the calendar provided.
  2. Enter a description, i.e. Memorial Day
  3. Click Add.

Creating a Signup Sheet

Creating a Signup Sheet

To see the Signup Sheets that have already been created choose a building from the drop down list in the upper left. The columns of information about each Signup Sheet are described below.

  • Signup Sheet – displays the name of the sheet
  • Attached To – shows which facility or resource the sheet is attached to. Note that a signup does not need to be attached to any facility or resource.
  • Dropdown Position – use the arrows to change the position of the Signup Sheet in the drop down list from which the staff members will choose the sheet they want to use.
  • SORT AlPHABETICALLY - If you wish to have the list in alphabetical order use the link above the Delete column. Hidden behind the Toolbox drop down in the screenshot above.
  • Edit – click the pencil icon to edit details about the Signup Sheet. You may change; the building, name, facility or resource the sheet is attached to, timeframe (read the warning before making this change), the way time/periods are displayed on the sheet, the description, whether or not to limit future booking and whether or not to pre-fill with the staff member’s name
  • Copy – will open a form that is prefilled with all the same choices as the existing Signup Sheet except for the name. Simply key in a name for the sheet and click on Add. You may edit the settings if
  • desired. This is handy if you need to create several Signup Sheets with the same settings.
  • Delete – any Signup Sheet can be deleted by clicking on the garbage can icon and agreeing with the warning message that appears. Note: you will lose the historical data that can be accessed in the Reports if you delete the sheet. The column header is hidden behind the Toolbox drop down in the screenshot above.

To create a new Signup Sheet log into Calendar4Schools

  1. Select Signup Sheet Settings from the Toolbox drop down list.
  2. Select the Building in which the Facility or Resource  resides that  the Signup Sheet will represent.
  3. Click the + ADD SIGNUP SHEET link



  1. Key in a descriptive name for the sheet. Required
  2. If you wish to attach the sheet to a facility or resource select the appropriate radio button and then choose from the drop down list. Optional
  3. Choose the appropriate Timeframe name from the drop down list. Required
  4. Select the radio button to display either class periods or start and end times. Required
  5. Key in a description of the sheet. Optional
  6. If you wish, you may restrict the number of months in advance that the reservation can be made. Use the drop down list to Limit Future Bookings by selecting the number of months (1 through 24). Optional
  7. Uncheck the Prefill Signups with User’s Name if the signup will be filled in by one user for other staff members. Optional
  8. Click the Add button to create the Signup Sheet.

A screenshot of a Signup Sheet with a "Begin/End Times" time line and one blackout date displayed. One person "Test User" reserved Conference Room A at the Washington Elementary building on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00.

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