Google Calendar Integration

It is possible to import a Google Calendar to display the events into CMS4Schools. The Calendar of Events, Mini-calendars, Upcoming Events tools are all able to display this information.

Steps to Import a Google Calendar

Here are the basic steps:

  • Create a Google account and add events to the calendar.
  • Establish the connection between CMS4Schools Calendar Admin and a Google Account.
  • Select Google calendar(s) to display within CMS4Schools.
  • Create categories to display the events from the Google calendar(s) and define the categories accordingly.

Once the Google calendar has been successfully imported, any of the CMS4Schools tools can be used to display them on a webpage. 

Create a Google Account

If you do not currently have a Google account, this will be your first step. Visit to get started.

Within the Google Calendar, add events.

Set Google Calendar as Public

Make sure this calendar is set up as a Public Calendar. This is critical to the success of the import.

  1. In the top right of the calendar, click Settings Settings.
  2. Click the name of the calendar you want to share.
  3. Open Access permissions.
  4. Check the box next to "Make available to public" with the option to View All Events.

Import Google Calendar


After signing into CMS4Schools, go to Calendar Admin and select Google Events?

If no Google Calendars have been imported, the Google Calendar Events - Import screen will display.


Select the Connect to my Google Account link.

Sign in to Google

If you are not signed in to your Google account, you will be taken to a Google login screen. If you are already signed in, you will automatically see the Import screen where the Google Calendars can be selected to import.

Choose an Account

Select the account from the list, or select to "Use another account".


After signing in, select to Allow access to view calendars for the google account. 


After signing in and allowing access, the Google Calendar Events - Import screen will update to display the Available Calendar/Selected Calendars in the bottom half of the window.

  1. Select the calendars you wish to import from the Available Calendars list on the left. More than one may be selected at a time by holding down the Control key. Click Add> to move calendar(s) to the Selected Calendars column.
  2. Click Import Events

After importing events, the Google Calendar Events - Import screen will show a What to do? section and a table with the imported calendar information.


What to Do? section

There are three options/steps:

  1. Manage Calendars (Delete/Import more calendars): Use to make changes to which Google Calendars are being imported. Add or remove calendars by moving them to the appropriate box. The currently imported calendars are displayed on the left but are now grayed-out indicating they've been imported already.
  2. Assign Imported calendars to events categories: See the Assign Imported Calendars to Events Categories
    Note: Imported calendars will need to be assigned to a category before the events can be displayed.
  3. Go to Calendar Admin: Brings you back to the Calendar Admin

Assign Imported Calendars to Events Categories

Before the imported calendars will display within Calendar Admin, you must either create a category within CMS4Schools to display these events and set it up to display the Google events OR edit an existing category to display the events.

Under What to Do?, select the Assign imported calendars to events categories option. This will open the Calendar Categories screen. You can add the Google Calendar events to a current category or add a new category. See the Calendar Admin article Categories section for more information on adding and updating categories.

On the Add Calendar Category or Update Calendar Category screen, select the "Is A Google Calendar Events Category?" checkbox. This will allow you to Add the desired Google Calendar to the category.


  1. Is a Google Calendar Events Category?: select to show the available google calendars to be added to the category
  2. Add> the desired Google Calendar to be displayed in the category.

Select Submit to save category preferences.

If the calendar is not listed in the Available Calendars box, check to make sure you have established a connection with the Google Account. It is also possible the imported calendar has been assigned to a different category. If either of these two circumstances exists, the calendar will not display in the Available box. 


Calendar Admin: Google Calendar Event Display

After importing the google calendar and assigning the calendar to a category, the events will display on the Calendar Admin.

Imported events will display with an asterisk (*) after them and will not be editable in the Calendar Admin. 
You can display these events on your website by displaying the category in Calendar of Events, Mini Calendar, and Upcoming Events tools.
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