rSchoolToday Integration with CMS4Schools Calendar Admin

A useful feature of CMS4Schools Calendar Admin is its ability to integrate data from rSchoolToday. rSchoolToday is an athletic scheduling application used by many of our clients. Once this data has been synced, it is available to display in a variety of ways on your website. If your district uses rSchoolToday and you have not yet asked up to set up this integration, contact us to get started.

This document describes how to set up CMS4Schools calendar tools to display events from rSchoolToday.

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Choose an rSchoolsToday Integration Option

Nightly or manually update any time

  • Once the setup work has been done, calendars will update each night automatically
  • Run a manual update at any time to force any recent changes

Real-Time Integration (Contact rSchoolToday directly and request a quote)

  • New events, updates, and cancellations will automatically sync with your CMS4Schools calendar shortly after the change is made in rSchoolToday
  • Eliminates the second step of logging into your CMS calendar admin and running the manual update if the change needs to display asap

Contact Us

Submit a support ticket via email ( or the Help Center, indicating your wish to begin the integration process. Include your rSchoolToday website URL.

Access the Calendar Admin

Accessing Calendar Admin

Once 4Schools support has notified you that your rSchoolsToday sync has been set up, sign into CMS4Schools. Along the left navigation menu, click Calendar Admin.

In the calendar admin window, click on the rSchool Today? link.

Create a New rSchool Calendar

Create a New rSchool Calendar
  1. Enter the name you wish to assign to this rSchool Calendar. For example, Basketball - HS Boys, or Middle School Events.
  2. Calendars can be defined by Activities OR by Event Categories. If you use Events by Type in rSchool, set up the calendar by Event Categories. Otherwise, use Activities (most clients use Activities).
  3. The list of Activities or list of Event Categories in the boxes below comes from your rSchool information. It should look familiar. Move activities OR event categories from the left column to the right column so they will be attached to this calendar. You can include as many as you want.
  4. Once an activity or event category has been moved to the right side, additional information will likely display within the Levels and Genders sections. Move over items if you wish them to be used as part of this calendar's definition. So if this calendar is only to display varsity basketball, only move varsity to the right leaving the rest on the left. Similarly, if this calendar is only to display girls basketball, move Girls over to the right leaving Boys on the left. 
  5. rSchoolToday calendars need to be matched up with a CMS4Schools Event Category. Select an existing category from the dropdown OR create a new one.
  6. Click Create rSchool Today Calendar & Import Events.

Note: Items on the left if the category should all be moved to the right if they are all to be included in this calendar.


After processing, the new rSchoolToday calendar, total events, and CMS4Schools calendar category will display.

Links to edit the calendar are provided under the Assigned to CMS4Schools Category and with the Edit button. 

Manually Update rSchoolToday Events

Manually Updating rSchools Events

Click the rSchool Today ? link.

  1. To manually update rSchoolToday events click the Run a Live Update / Edit Facility Settings button.
  2. Click Update.

Calendar Admin

Calendar Admin

rSchoolToday events have been added to the calendar.

All events imported from rSchoolToday will display two asterisks at the end indicating these events must be edited within your rSchoolToday account.

Displaying Events on your Website

Displaying Events on your Website

Three tools can be used to display calendar events on the website. They are a Calendar of Events tool shown above, a Mini-Calendar and an Upcoming Events tool.

When the website visitor hovers over an event, additional information is displayed. Similarly, clicking on the event displays a pop-up window with details including driving directions as shown below.

PopUp Window

PopUp Window

Clicking on an event displays a popup window as shown above. This one is expanded to show all the map detail. 

This integration with rSchoolToday makes it even easier to capture events and display that information on your website. 

Watch the Video

This video will provide step by step instructions on how to get started with integrating rSchool data and how to work with these tools going forward.

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