myQuickReg Overview

Robust on line reservation system.

myQuickReg is an on line reservation system to assist in handling workshop, conference, or networking meetings registrations. From promotion events to taking the registration to printing attendee roster and name tags, myQuickReg will help your organization streamline events for both your event organizers and attendees.


• Web based
• Allows attendee to self-register
• Allows for bulk registration ( administrative assistant)
• Events (Unlimited events/registrations, Breakout sessions within event, Easy event waiting list options, Able to add fields to events for additional tracking or billing, Attendance tracking, Email roster capabilities, Events can be attached to Teacher/Admin/Pupil/Special Ed standards, Early bird pricing capabilities, Membership pricing, label/Name Tags, Invoicing, Accept payments via PayPal)
• Users (Categories for marketing purposes, Mass email capabilities, Tracks attendees events for professional development tracking, No transaction fee)
• Reporting (participant counts, membership savings, Financial / Adhoc)
• Catalog
• Ability to connect to CMS4Schools
• Ability to export data for Alio


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